Admissions Consultant


Jacksonville, FL

Wekiva Springs Center seeks Admissions Consultant

Wekiva Springs Center is a 120-bed acute behavioral health hospital providing quality care for older adults, chemical dependency/substance abuse, and mental health inpatient and outpatient services.  We offer care in a gender-specific program for men and women. We are conveniently located near I-95 and J Turner Butler in Southside area. Duties for an Admissions Clinician includes the following:  


·        Communicates the programming to the potential patient and their family members or loved ones. 

·        Conducts an assessment to determine appropriate level of care.

·        Obtain doctor's orders for the patients. 

·        Understands how to interpret benefit sheets and communicates benefit information to patients and families.

·        Reviews patient with accepting MD to determine level of care.

·        Obtains information on transfers and initiates transfer process (sending and receiving).

·        Verbally demonstrates an understanding of EMTALA rules and regulations.

·        Notifies unit of admission.

·        Pre-certifies patient with insurance company and documents authorization information on the 1371.

·        Demonstrates understanding of the sign in process and responsibilities.

·        Inputs patient data and assigns patient intake/admit number from MS4 system.

·        Notifies the appropriate facility management of any potential problems related to admission, payment or patient/staff incident.

·        Places wristbands on patients with patient name and MD for patients admitted through the lobby.

·        Copies insurance ID card and patient ID or Drivers License, where appropriate.

·        Obtains releases of information

·        Updates bed board

·        Prints face sheets and labels

·        Initiates follow-up calls

·        Logs assessment data into HMS

·        Admits/discharges/transfers patients in HMS

·        Maintains refrigeration log

·        Completes wellness checks

·        Completes High Alerts for acute issues

·        Completes Hospital's Census report
Completes incident reports when needed 

The following are the job requirements for the Admissions Consultant position:

·        Must have a Master's Degree in Behavioral Health or a Registered Nurse in the State of Florida

·        Must have at least 1 year experience with Intake or Evaluation/Assessment in a Behavioral Health Setting

·        Must have excellent people skills

·        Proficient with Microsoft Office

·        Must be able to maneuver throughout the building

·        Must be effective when communicating with doctors, referral agencies, patients, and family members in person and on the telephone.


 Email Resume and Cover to:

Caroline Bateman Sudhoff, SPHR

Director – Human Resources



(posted 2.17.17)