Director of Social Services


Orlando, FL


Assure that the emotional and social needs of all residents are met & maintained on an individual basis in accordance with regulatory guidelines and our established standards and guidelines.


Comply with all applicable rules, policies, standards and guidelines related to employment with Westminster Services and its communities.

  • Prepare comprehensive psychosocial assessments and care plans for all residents.
  • During the Admission process tour facility and available accommodations with potential residents and family members. Review and obtain signatures for required documentation (see procedure).
  • Resident and family outreach – advocate for the residents. Main contact for the family members.
  • Access to community resources and present residents/family member with health care provider availability; includes home health care, hospice, equipment provider, etc.
  • Manage discharge planning; responsible for appropriate discharges to a less restrictive setting (outside health services).
  • Internal contact for resolving resident/family member grievances.
  • As a Grievance Coordinator maintains a Grievance Log (accept/write grievances on behalf of party); conducts investigations and follow ups with resolutions. Conducts abuse prevention In-services for staff members.
  • Completes QA and Audits. Monitors psychotropic medications, mood and behavioral symptoms. Obtain consent from residents or HC Surrogate for psych med use and maintain in psychoactive medications binder.

The above job description is not to be construed as a complete listing of the assignments and responsibilities assigned to any employee; nor are such assignments restricted to those precisely listed in the description.  This job description may change from time to time as the needs of the organization change.


  • Education & Experience: Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or Sociology
  • 3 Years’ experience in skilled nursing facility or medically related area is required


Director of Human Resources
Phone: (407) 839-0707, Ext. 286
Fax: (407) 849-0685