Mental Health Counselor


Trion, GA

We are currently hiring for 4 mental health counselor positions.  Applicants have to be license eligible in Georgia, which you are if you graduated from FSU. You just need to apply and take the ASWB exam.


The job is mental health counseling in a level 5 maximum security prison in Trion Ga. Good income (~47K), good health insurance, 8.5 hours PTO accumulated every 2 weeks, you can work 4 days x 10hrs or 5 days x 8 hours, supervision through a psychologist is provided and 60 hrs from that count towards the LCSW in Georgia, the company provides $800 and 16hrs for training every year. And the Georgia Dept. of Correction also provides some classes that get you CEUs for free (for example Ethics).


If someone is interested please contact:

Saskia I. Weiss, Ph.D., MSW, LMSW 
Mental Health Counselor
Hays State Prison
777 Underwood Drive
Trion, GA 30753

Phone: 706-857-0673
Fax: 706-857-0551