Social Work Professor Keynote Speaker at International Social Work Conference

“If too many of you fall asleep, I will stop talking and leave the podium. In fact, if you close your eyes I will take that to mean that you are letting me know that I should end my presentation immediately” joked Associate Professor Dr. Tomi Gomory, in his keynote address at an international conference held April 7-8, 2017.

Trauma Informed Practice Expert to Join FSU Social Work Delegation to China

Shairi Turner, MD, MPH, a Harvard-trained internist, and pediatrician will join the FSU College of Social Work as a research faculty member, and a key member of the College’s leadership traveling to Shanghai, China in May 2017.  The College's international delegation, consisting of Dr. Amy Ai, Dean Jim Clark, Dr. Turner, Dr. Neil Abell and Dr.

Spotlight on research at exposition

The FSU College of Social Work hosted its inaugural Research Exposition, April 10, 2012 in the University Center’s Futch Ballroom. The College shared a rich array of research topics with professors and students of the broader Florida State campus and members of the Tallahassee social services community.  The Exhibition, spearheaded by Professors Jean Munn, Stephen Tripodi, and the College’s Research Committee, renamed and restructured the College’s Research Showcase into a larger, broader annual public event.

Victimization & women prisoners

Women are the fastest growing prison population in the United States. Thus, women prisoners are increasingly contributing to the societal and financial costs of incarceration and recidivism.  Although research on women in prison is emerging, very little is known about women in prison compared to their male counterparts.  Women in prison have high rates of mental health and substance use problems, which are often related to their trauma histories, including childhood physical victimization and childhood sexual victimization.

Mindfulness research can combat addiction & pain

Prescription drug abuse is a hot button issue and frequent headliner in Florida’s news media.  Likewise, addiction and chronic pain remain at the forefront of the latest public health concerns as the U.S. struggles to address the needs of a rising veteran population.  Through a grant from the National Institute of Health (NIH), Dr. Eric Garland is investigating an innovative way to combat chronic pain and problems related to prescription painkiller use through a mental training program he developed called Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement.