Cultivative Counseling LLC

Mental Health (Adult)
Tallahassee, Florida

Cultivative Counseling, LLC is a mental health private practice which provides individual counseling and therapy services to adults age 18 and older. The primary population served includes Black, African American and other BIPOC adults, many who identify as LGBTQ+ and/or are in nontraditional relationships. The practice’s owner and lead clinician is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who provides clients support with managing symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, managing transition into adulthood (and college), and with improving challenging relationships.

Special Placement Information:

Agency is accepting MSW 2nd year and Advanced Clinical Students, Part-time MSW.  Students will be responsible for their transportation to and from the agency. The agency is accessible by bus and travel will not be reimbursed by the agency. Students will be covered under the practice’s liability insurance, and video and audio taping will be permitted with client consent. The agency’s hours are as follows: Monday and Wednesday, 10am - 7pm, Tuesday and Thursday,10am - 5:30pm. Services are provided in person and virtually. Students are encouraged to wear masks during in-person sessions; however, they are not required (also optional for clients).