Carrie Pettus

Associate Professor - Founding Director, Institute for Justice Research & Development
Carrie Pettus

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  • Ph.D., 2011, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Social Work
  • M.S.W., 2001, University of Kansas; Social Work
  • B.S.W., 1999, University of Kansas; Social Work
  • B.A., 1999, University of Kansas; Psychology


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Pettus-Davis, C., Renn, T., Veech, C., & Eikenberry, J. (2019). Intervention development study of the 5Key Model for Reentry: An evidence driven prisoner reentry intervention. Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 58, 614-643. doi:10.1080/10509674.2019.1635242

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Veeh, C., Renn, T., & Pettus-Davis, C. (2018). Promoting reentry well-being: A novel assessment tool for individualized service assignment in prisoner reentry programs. Social Work, 63, 91-96, doi:10.1093/sw/swx050

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Pettus-Davis, C., Epperson, M.W., & Grier, A. (2017). Reforming civil disability policy to facilitate effective and sustainable decarceration.  In M.W. Epperson & C. Pettus-Davis (Eds.), Smart Decarceration: Achieving criminal justice transformation in the 21st century. NY: Oxford University Press.

Epperson, M.W. & Pettus-Davis, C. (2017). Smart decarceration: Guiding concepts for an era of criminal justice transformation. In M.W. Epperson & C. Pettus-Davis (Eds.), Smart Decarceration: Achieving criminal justice transformation in the 21st century. NY: Oxford University Press.


Co-edited: Epperson, M.W., & Pettus-Davis, C. (Eds). (2017). Smart Decarceration: Achieving criminal justice transformation in the 21st Century. NY: Oxford University Press.

Co-authored: Vaughn, M., Pettus-Davis, C., & Shook, J. (2012). Conducting research in juvenile and criminal justice settings: Issues and Strategies. Oxford University Press.


2019 - 22   Co-Principal Investigator. Multisite Randomized Controlled Trial of Comprehensive Trauma Informed Reentry Services for Moderate to High Risk Youth Releasing from State Prison. National Institute of Justice. ($1,197,172); Co-PIs: Dr. Stephen Tripodi and Dr. Tanya Renn.    

2019 – 24   Co-Principal Investigator. AI Enabled Community Supervision for Criminal Justice Services. National Institute of Justice. ($1,999,778); Co-PIs: Dr. Marcus Rogers and Dr. Sudhir Aggarwal

2019 – 21    Co-Principal Investigator. Skills Training and Affective Regulation Intervention -- Pilot Trauma Treatment for Men and Women Releasing from Jail; Seminole County, Florida. Seminole County Jail. ($150,000). Co-PIs: Dr. Stephen Tripodi and Dr. Tanya Renn.  

2019 – 20    Principal Investigator. Establishing a National Prosecution Research Network and Applied Research Framework to Reduce Behavioral Health Disparities in the Criminal Justice System. Florida State University. ($13,000)  

2018 – 26    Co-Principal Investigator. A Low-Cost Randomized Controlled Trial of Therapeutic Communities and Interactive Journaling Substance Use Disorder Treatments: Research on Reductions in Recidivism and Social Spending. Arnold Ventures ($480,624). Co-PI: Dr. Stephen Tripodi. Co-I: Dr. Tanya Renn 

2018 – 26    Principal Investigator. Multistate Randomized Controlled Trial of the 5 Key Model for Reentry. Charles Koch Foundation ($7,500,000). Co-Is: Dr. Stephen Tripodi and Dr. Tanya Renn.  

2016 – 21    Co-Principal Investigator. Evaluation of the Re-Link Project. U.S. Department of Human Service, Office of Minority Health ($1,800,000). Co-PI: Nancy Mueller