Jean Munn

Associate Professor
Jean Munn

Contact Information

Office Location
University Center C2511
(850) 644-9748

Areas Of Focus 

  • End of Life Issues
  • Gerontology
  • Healthcare


  • PhD, 2006, University of North Carolina; Social Work
  • MSW, 2002, University of North Carolina; Social Work
  • BA, 1969, Duke University; Psychology

Selected Peer Review Articles and Publications

Munn, J., & Adorno, G. (2008). By invitation only: Social work involvement at the end of life in long-term care. Journal of Social Work and End of Life and Palliative Care, 4(4), 333-357.

Simons, K., Shepherd, N., & Munn, J. (2008). Advancing the evidence base for social work in long-term care: The disconnect between practice and research. Social Work in Health Care, 47(4), 392-415.

Munn, J., Dobbs, D., Meier, A., Williams, C., Biola, H., & Zimmerman, S. (2008). The end-of-life experience in long-term care: Five themes identified from focus groups with residents, family members, and staff. The Gerontologist, 48(4) 485-494.

Williams, S.W., Zimmerman, S., Williams, C.S., Munn, J.C., Dobbs, D., & Sloane, P.D. (2008). Social support as a mediator between end-of-life family caregiving in long-term care and caregiver health. Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences, 63, S171-S183.

Munn, J., Zimmerman, S., Hanson, L., Williams, C., Sloane, P., Steinhauser, K., Clipp, E.C., & Tulsky, J. (2007). Measuring the quality of dying in long-term care. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 55, 1371-1379.

Selected Grants

Munn, J. (Principal Investigator). Developing a Specialized Gerontological Program. Council on Social Work Education. ($10,000). 2009-2010.

Munn, J. (Principal Investigator). The Florida Long-Term Care Research Partnership. Florida State University Provost Fund. ($45,000). 2008.

Munn, Jj. (Principal Investigator). Social Work Involvement at the End of Life for Residents of Long-term Care. John A. Hartford Foundation. ($100,000). 2007-2009.

Munn, J. (Principal Investigator). Social Work Involvement at the End of Life for Residents of Long-term Care.Florida State University First Year Assistant Professor Award. ($16,000). 2007.

Zimmerman, S. (Principal Investigator) & Munn, J. (Co-Principal Investigator). Defining a Good Death for Residents in Long-Term Care. Duke Institute on Care at the End of Life. ($20,000). 2004.