Lauren HK Stanley

Doctoral Student
Lauren HK Stanley

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LCSW (FL, #12197)
Resume / CV


  • M.S.W., 2007, Loyola University; Social Work
  • M.S., 2006, Erikson Institute; Child Development
  • M.S., 2004, Florida State University; Educational Psychology
  • B.S., 2001, Florida State University; Psychology

PEER REVIEWED Articles and Publications:

Stanley, C. & Stanley, L. (2017). Understanding Lifespan Development (3rd Ed.). Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt. 

Stanley, C. & Stanley, L. (In press). A Behavioral Change Framework of Health Socialization and Identity. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

Stanley, L. & Boel-Studt, S. (In press).  The influence of youth gender and complex trauma on the relation between treatment conditions and outcomes in therapeutic 
residential care.  The Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma. 

Radey, M. & Stanley, L. (2019). Beginning the “Never-ending” learning process: Training experiences of newly-hired child welfare workers.  Children and Youth               Services Review, 104.

Stanley, L. (2018). Is the preschool PATHS curriculum effective? A review. Journal of Evidenced-Inform Social Work, 16, 130-143. doi: 10.1080/23761407.2018.1558141
Radey, M. & Stanley, L. (2018). “Hands on” versus “empty”: Supervision experiences of frontline child welfare workers.  Children and Youth Services Review, 91, 128-136.