FSU Multidisciplinary Center


The FSU Multidisciplinary Center is a university-based diagnostic and training center that serves preschool and school-aged children presenting complex academic, medical, emotional or behavioral problems. Our children and their families are referred by school districts in the Florida Panhandle, Children’s Medical Services, and other state and community agencies. Services provided to children and their families include comprehensive diagnostic assessment, teacher and parent consultation and school-based mental health services.

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The MDC offers training placements in our Doctoral Psychology Internship Program. This program is APA accredited and provides nationally competitive internships for doctoral students in clinical, school and counseling psychology.

The MDC also offers training placements for graduate and undergraduate students at FSU, including:

Inservice Training

Inservice training is provided to teachers, guidance counselors, and other school personnel through seminars, workshops, and conferences.


The Multidisciplinary Center serves pre-school and school-aged children who are experiencing severe and/or complex academic, medical, and/or behavioral/emotional problems. Children and their families are referred by twenty school districts in the Florida Panhandle, Children’s Medical Services, and other state and community agencies.

Services for Children Include:

Diagnostic Evaluations

  • psychological assessment of children and adolescents
  • specialized evaluations of children suspected of having an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s Disorder, or Attention Disorders
  • specialized evaluations for hearing impaired and bilingual children
  • audiological, speech and language evaluations

Therapeutic Interventions and Consultation

  • school-based individual and group mental health services with children and adolescents
  • participation on school-based intervention teams
  • academic and behavioral consultation with teachers and school personnel
  • referral to and collaboration with appropriate community-based agencies or resources

It is expected that Center activities will result in increased achievement for individual children; acquisition of alternative teaching strategies and behavior management techniques for teachers; improved parenting skills; more sophisticated diagnostic techniques for children; improved working relationships between school districts and the University; better awareness of physiological contributors to learning and behavior problems in children, and research findings appropriate to improve public education.

Contact MDC:

Multidisciplinary Evaluation and Consulting Center
715 W. Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32306-1603
(850) 644-2222 – main office
(850) 644-6591 – fax

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