Karen Oehme

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Karen Oehme

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University Center C2309
(850) 644-6303
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  • J.D., 1987, Florida State University
  • B.A., 1983, Florida Atlantic University; Communication

Selected Peer Review Articles and Publications

Mennicke, A., Anderson, D., Oehme, K., & Kennedy, S. (2014). Law enforcement officers’ perception of rape and rape victims: A multi-method study. Violence and Victims, 29(5).

Oehme, K. & Stern, N. (2014). The case for mandatory training on screening for domestic violence in the wake of the Affordable Care Act. University of Pennsylvania Law School Journal of Law and Social Change 17(1).

Oehme, K. & Stern M.J., (2014). Supervised visitation and family financial well-being: Broadening access to community services for low- income parents in the court system. Family Court Review 52(2).

Oehme, K., Kim, A., Summerlin, Z., & Martin, A. (2013). Training criminal justice professionals: Using online curricula to prevent domestic violence. In R. White (Ed.), Curriculum Development, Innovation and Reform. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers, Inc.

Oehme, K., Donnelly, E. A., & Summerlin, Z. (2013). Agency innovation to promote change: A model policy on officer-involved domestic violence provides a starting point to foster healthy police families. In L. Territo & J. D. Sewell (Eds.), Stress Management in Law Enforcement, 3rd Edition (311-336). Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press.

Selected Grants

Oehme, K. (Principal Investigator). “Hope Line” Funding. Verizon Foundation ($25,000). 2014.

Oehme, K. (Principal Investigator). *Screening for Domestic Violence by Medical Professionals: *. Verizon Foundation. ($90,000). 2013-2015.

Oehme, K. Clearinghouse on Supervised Visitation. Florida Department of Children and Families. ($400,000). 2012-2015.

Oehme, K. Healthy Dating Relationships. Guy & Delores Spearman. ($10,000). 2013.

Oehme, K. (Principal Investigator).  The Law Enforcement Families Partnership: Preventing Violence in Law Enforcement Families. Verizon Foundation ($240,000). 2012-2013.