8th Circuit Public Defender

Corrections (Adult)
Mental Health (Adult)
Substance Abuse
Gainesville, Florida

The Office of the Public Defender provides legal representation to low income individuals facing criminal charges.
LCSW hired in 2019 as part of Holistic Defense program. LCSW completes comprehensive biopsychosocial assessments for purposes of mitigation, primarily adults facing felony charges. LCSW resource to attorneys on Mental Health-related client issues, and community resources. Social Work student will complete bio-psychosocial assessments, request and review Mental Health and medical records, complete collateral interviews (family, pastor, providers), and synthesize into comprehensive mitigation report.
Student may be asked to do literature review of peer reviewed articles on mitigation related topics (community violence, brain development)

Special placement information:
Accepting MSW 1st-year students and MSW 2nd-year/Advanced Standing (clinical) students. Full- and part-time positions available.
Would consider BSW student with experience and interest in practicing in criminal justice field.
Student will complete interviews in jail setting.
Liability insurance required.
Video-/Audio-taping not permitted.
Stipend not available.
Transportation recommended. Travel reimbursement not available.
Agency hours: 8:30AM-5:00PM. Work outside of those hours is limited to completing written reports and research.
Strong writing skills required.