Faculty & Research Overview

Mission Statement

Our research focus is to make a difference in the lives of individuals, groups, families, and communities.  As a part of this commitment, the College strives to maintain and build community partnerships and interdisciplinary research collaboration that has a positive and lasting impact on the vulnerable populations of society that we serve.

Consistent with the College’s high standard of excellence in teaching and service, our faculty actively engage in research that matters in the areas of clinical practice, social policy, and administration. Multiple methodologies are used in conducting research on local, state, national and international levels. Faculty address a wide array of critical and contemporary research topics using a strong, disciplined, and ethical foundation.  Students are encouraged and guided at all levels to participate in projects and to produce research based on the art and science of social work.


Florida State University is a leading Research Intensive public university in Florida and the southeast US. FSU has approximately $200 million in research expenditures annually and more than 50 research centers and institutes. Located just 4 miles from the state capitol, FSU CSW researchers have unequaled access to state agencies and legislators, providing CSW researchers with unique and innovative opportunities to impact policy and practice in Florida. The College of Social Work’s researchers also utilizes research projects to address national and global issues.

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