Journal of Poetry Therapy

Editor: Dr. Nicholas Mazza (
The Journal of Poetry Therapy (JPT), sponsored by the National Association for Poetry Therapy, is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal committed to the publication of original articles concerned with the use of the literary arts in therapeutic, educational, and community-building capacities. The purview of the JPT includes the use of bibliotherapy, journal therapy, creative writing, narrative, lyrics, storytelling, and metaphor in human service settings. Research (qualitative and quantitative) , practice (clinical and education), theoretical, and literary studies are emphasized. The intended audience of JPT includes those in the allied helping professions and education, as well as those in literary/artistic fields with a concern toward promoting growth and healing through language, symbol, and story.

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Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal

Editor: Dr. Lisa Schelbe (

Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal (CASW) features original articles that focus on social work practice with children, adolescents, and their families. The journal addresses current issues in the field of social work drawn from theory, direct practice, research, and social policy.

The range of topics includes problems affecting a variety of specific populations in special settings. CASW welcomes a range of scholarly contributions focused on youth, including theoretical papers, narrative case studies, historical analyses, traditional reviews of the literature, descriptive studies, single-system research designs, correlational investigations, methodological works, pre-experimental, quasi-experimental and experimental evaluations, meta-analyses and systematic reviews. Appropriate fields of practice include interpersonal practice, small groups, families, organizations, communities, policy practice, nationally-oriented work, and international studies.

Manuscripts involving qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods are welcome to be submitted, as are papers grounded in one or more theoretical orientations, or those that are not based on any formal theory.

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Research on Social Work Practice

Editor: Dr. Bruce Thyer (
Research on Social Work Practice (RSWP), published bi-monthly, is a disciplinary journal devoted to the publication of empirical research concerning the assessment methods and outcomes of social work practice. Social work practice is broadly interpreted to refer to the application of intentionally designed social work intervention programs to problems of societal or interpersonal importance. Interventions include behavior analysis and therapy; psychotherapy or counseling with individuals; case management; education; supervision; practice involving couples, families, or small groups; advocacy; community practice; organizational management; and the evaluation of social policies.

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