Alumni Awards

Distinguished Alumni Awards

Each year, Distinguished Alumni Awards are presented to five College of Social Work graduates at the annual student scholarship dinner. These alumni show an exemplary commitment to social work, service, the College, and their communities.

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  • Distinguished Emeritus Alumni Award – awarded to alumni that graduated more than 50 years ago and demonstrate outstanding leadership and extraordinary contributions to social work.
  • Distinguished Young Alumni Award – awarded to alumni that graduated less than 10 years ago and have demonstrated outstanding leadership and exceptional contributions to social work.
  • Distinguished Social Work Educator Award – awarded to alumni that currently hold a teaching/leadership position with an educational organization, post-secondary educational institution, or educational policy-making/review board and have made significant contributions to the area of social work education.
  • Distinguished Alumni in Social Work Practice Award – awarded to alumni that have shown a deep commitment to high ethical, social work standards, have developed/implemented major innovations to improve the quality of life of community members and have shown significant contributions to clients, the professional community and the social work profession via advocacy or professional/civic/community involvement.
  • Distinguished Alumni in Social Policy and Administration Award – awarded to alumni that have shown meritorious efforts to serve or have served the social work profession in policymaking with professional or political associations at the state or national level.

Past Award Winners