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Agassiz Associates has been in business since 2004, serving Grand Forks and the surrounding areas with comprehensive mental health services including therapy, psychological assessments, addiction services, and medication management. We provide school, hospital, and business consults.  No one chooses to be dependent of substance. What does matter is how you choose to cope. Trust our clinical staff to provide quality care of substance abuse issues and help you on your path to recovery.  Agassiz Associates is a progressive, client-focused practice that provides therapy in a warm, fun, healthy, caring environment. Agassiz Associates is the only private practice in Grand Forks and the surrounding area that provides therapy, substance abuse treatment and psychiatric medication management all in the same practice. 

Therapy for children
Therapy for adolescents
 Therapy for individuals
 Therapy for mature adults
 Couples therapy
 Family therapy: parenting, step parenting, separation, divorce, and blended family issues
Therapy for all Issues 

Anger management
  Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  Behavior problems
 Bipolar/ mood disorders
 Body image issues
 Career issues

 Childhood abuse
 Chronic pain

  Domestic abuse
 Grief/ loss issues
 Life adjustment issues: illness, job loss, retirement, midlife, and older adult
 Low self esteem
 Obsessive - compulsive disorder
  Panic attacks
  Personality disorders
  Post-traumatic stress disorder
  Sleep disturbance
  Stress reduction and management
  Trauma issues therapy and psychological assessments to addiction services and medication management, our clinical    staff is here to help get you back on the path to wellness! 
 At Agassiz Associates PLLC, we are committed to providing thorough substance abuse services to any individuals who   have been affected by this epidemic.
 Each program is individualized to fit your needs to obtain and maintain sobriety. Agassiz Associates PLLC offers three levels of care: ASAM 0.5 (DUI seminar/ education), ASAM Level 1 (Low-intensity outpatient), and ASAM Level 2.1 (Intensive outpatient).

Drug and Alcohol Assessments
Agassiz Associates PLLC offers an array of drug and alcohol assessments. Assessments provided include court-ordered to self-­ referral. Once the assessment is completed and a referral is made, Agassiz will help facilitate you to a program that fits your needs.

low-Intensity Outpatient Treatment Services
Agassiz Associates provides low-Intensity outpatient treatment services (LIOP) to the adolescent and adult population. These programs stem from the Matrix Model which is derived from a cognitive behavioral approach. It will help you gain insight into your addictive thinking and addictive behaviors.

The objective is to create new thinking and new behaviors that will help in re-balancing the neurobiological makeup in the brain.
Comprehensive worksheets, lectures, and videos will complement the cognitive restructuring treatments, supporting the healing process of the brain.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Services
Agassiz Associates provides intensive outpatient treatment services (IOP) to the adult population. This intensive outpatient group focuses on the cognitive aspects of addiction, as well as on the underlying issues.
It provides cognitive behavioral interventions that stem from an evidence-based treatment approach. The group aims to restructure thinking patterns associated with addiction, while reinforcing positive behavioral actions that support a life of sobriety.

Professional Aftercare Services
Agassiz Associates provides aftercare services to the adolescent and adult populations. These aftercare programs are intended to complement the extensive work done in the individual's primary treatment by reinforcing newly acquired thinking and behaviors.

Weekly check-ins will help you maintain structure and accountability while helping you use and reinforce the tools necessary for maintaining sobriety. General discussion and relapse prevention assignments will challenge you to further your recovery program, ensuring a full circle sobriety program that sheds light on how long­ term recovery is possible.

Comprehensive DUI Evaluations
Agassiz Associates provides DUI Evaluations to the adolescent and adult population. Agassiz Associates will help facilitate the process to ensure that the individual has information regarding DUI providers for the DUI seminar or any further recommendations that come from the DUI Evaluation.