Alaska Adoption Services

Family & Group Services
Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska Adoption Services works with a variety of people accessing services related to adoption. We provide education to prospective adoptive parents and help them walk through the infant adoption process. We also educate, support, and counsel expectant parents who may be considering making an adoption plan for their child. When they choose to make an adoption plan, we support them through that process. We also work with foster families in the State of Alaska who are pursuing adoption or guardianship of their foster children by providing them home study services. Alaska Adoption Services also operates a Community Diaper pantry that assists anyone in the comm1mity with free diapers and wipes the majority of this client population are families living in poverty.
Special Placement Information:

The Agency is accepting MSW 1st year students, MSW 2nd year and Advanced Standing Students, Part-time MSW.  The agency does not provide a stipend for interns. The agency's business hours are Monday through Friday, 8am-4pm. Some weekend and evening work may be required. Video and audio taping is not permitted. The student does not need liability insurance.