ALPHA House of Pinellas County

Child Welfare
St. Petersburg, Florida

The mission of ALPHA House of Pinellas County is to prevent the cycle of homelessness and child abuse by providing a safe residence and supportive services to homeless pregnant women and babies. We serve mothers aged 14-41. Our minor mothers are in foster care and our adult minors are in community beds. ALPHA empowers women with the job skills, education, parenting skills, and positive self-esteem necessary to obtain permanent housing, successfully raise their children, and contribute to the community as self-sustaining mothers.

Special Placement Information:

The Agency is accepting MSW 1st year students, MSW 2nd year and Advanced Standing Clinical Students.  ALPHA House does not provide transportation, travel reimbursement or a stipend for our interns. Audio taping is permitted with permission of the client. The agency is open 24 hours and is flexible with hours available for our student interns.