Brooks Rehabilitation-Bartram Crossing

Jacksonville, FL

Brooks Rehabilitation, Bertram Crossing, is a skilled nursing facility focused on short term physical rehab. Our focus is on providing world class rehabilitation solutions to advance the health and well- being of our patients. The age of our patients ranges, but they are most frequently over 64. The social worker helps endures they have a smooth stay at our facility and help them prepare for discharges ( includes ordering continued therapy and equipment with connecting to the community resources which may benefit them).

Special Information

Accepting BSW and  MSW 1st Year (Traditional).  Full-time and Part-time positions available.  Social workers inters are able to work Mon-Friday 8:30-5:00. Reliable transportation to the facility is important but will not need to travel otherwise. There is no stipend available. Video or audio taping is permitted after getting a signed consent form.