Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Developmental Disabilities
Cleveland, Ohio

It is the mission of Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Cuyahoga DD) to "support and empower people with developmental disabilities to live, learn, work, and play in the community." Cuyahoga DD services eligible individuals from birth - adulthood and people can be referred to services any time. Cuyahoga DD provides a variety of services, including support administration, early intervention, family supports, behavioral health, ancillary therapy services, etc.
Our behavioral health department is comprised of licensed professionals (i.e., psychologists, psychology assistants, licensed professional clinical counselors, licensed independent Social Workers) who provide assessments, consultation, and training to individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, and teams. Within our Behavioral Health department, we also have a forensic unit, which employs four fulltime forensic liaisons.
Intern is responsible for providing support, advocacy, and linkage for individuals with developmental disabilities involved in the criminal justice system (CJS). 

Intern job description:
Intern's current job duties require skills and knowledge that demonstrate Social Work competencies. 
The goal of Cuyahoga DD's forensic unit is for individuals we serve involved in the CJS to receive the needed services and supports for success, with a focus on individualized planning, health, and safety of the individual and community, and mitigating barriers and risk.
Intern is a part of an individual's support team and collaborates with their interdisciplinary team, community providers, and the court system to act as direct link to court systems; promote safety and success for individuals we support as well as the community; provide linkage, resources, referrals for service coordination; and to advocate for the rights of those we serve.
Specifically, intern works with individuals who have pending criminal cases within Cleveland Municipal Court, individuals who are out on bond or Court Supervised Release (CSR) within Common Pleas Court, individuals being released from prison, and those on parole. 
Intern works with a diverse and often vulnerable population, requiring a holistic approach to provide needed supports.
Intern has direct contact with individuals and their teams and is required to demonstrate professionalism, strong engagement and interpersonal skills, advocacy, and effective intersystem collaboration. 

Special placement information:
Accepting part-time MSW students.