Gratitude America, Inc

Social Services
Fernandina Beach

Gratitude America has two fold mission. It conducts Military Support Retreats at Marineland, FL.  The three day retreat model utilizes an intensive integrative model approach for post 9/11 veterans and a significant person in their lives a chance through both small groups and outdoor experiences to heal and reconnect to themselves, family and communities.  The second mission of GA is to provide referral, follow-up or introduction to new resources in the NE FL community.  The SW student works closely with the GA staff in a variety of placement activities.  The MSW student contacts interested retreat participants, conducts outreach activities to key veteran service organizations.  Co-facilitates with a licensed provider in retreat small groups.  The students is the identified resource navigator and resource follow-up case manager.

Special Information

Full-time positions available for MSW 1st Yr & MSW 2nd Yr Advanced Standing Students; Clinical.  Part-time positions available also for MSW Students.  Locally based student in the Jacksonville footprint.  There is currently no stipend or transportation costs provided.  Student does not need to provide liability insurance for this organization.