Daniel Memorial, Inc.

Mental Health (Youth)
Jacksonville, Florida

Daniel is the oldest child-serving organization in the state of Florida and serves more than 1000 children and their families every day through a veriety of innovative and nationally-recognized programs.  Agency services children and adolescents 6-18. Services include: intensive residential treatment programs; community-based care including case management and outpatient therapy; foster care, therapeutic foster care, and adoptions programs; independent living services; and delinquency intervention.  In cases where children have severe emotional problems, often caused by abuse or neglect, our on-campus counseling and support services provide around-the-clock treatment.  All of Daniel’s clinical and behavioral health services are co-occurring capable and trauma-informed.

Special placement information:|
Accepting BSW, MSW 1st-year, and MSW 2nd-year/Advanced Standing (clinical) students. Full- and part-time positions available.
Depending on program placement, travel may be required to travel to off-site locations, client homes, community locations, etc. Travel reimbursement not available. Main campus program accessible by public transit.
Stipend not available.
Interns not covered under agency's liability insurance.
Video-/Audio-taping not permitted.
Some placements offer weekend and evening hours.