Episcopal Children’s Services

Family & Group Services
Jacksonville, Florida

Episcopal Children’s Services helps underserved children in Northeast and Central Florida build a strong foundation for educational success. We use a whole child approach that helps kids grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially. We also provide resources and training to caregivers in order to enhance access to high-quality childcare. The population served is children ranging in age from birth to age 5. Families served are low-income, people experiencing homelessness, and/or include children with disabilities. Social Work is utilized in a variety of work roles, including advocating for the families, assisting them in finding local resources, and assessing children and families for social-emotional and mental health needs.

Intern responsibilities include:
Utilizing the Professional Code of Ethics, ensure that files and family information is confidential and used for the purpose of family well-being.
Maintain professional social work standards as required in work and learning environment. 
Use theoretical knowledge gained in program by applying it to working with families and children.
Demonstrate knowledge of cultural competence by treating all individuals with kindness and equality regardless of class, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation, race, and ethnicity. 
Understand and enact policies and procedures of work position. 
Use problem-solving skills to identify problems and barriers for families to access services. 
Utilize understanding of biopsychosocial assessments to recruit applicants, assist them in applying by learning about their personal needs and resources, and assessing home life, stressors, needs, and goals of parents and families. 
Analyze the helping process used in this agency to ensure that families’ needs are met and advocate for methods that may be more effective in helping. 
Utilize crisis intervention skills in emergency situations as presented by families.

Special placement information:
Accepting MSW 1st-year students. Full-time positions only. 
Transportation required. Travel reimbursement available.
Liability insurance not required.
Agency hours: 8:00AM-4:00PM, however, additional hours can be used for files and case management.