Melissa Radey

Melissa Radey

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University Center C3405
(850) 644-9226
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  • Ph.D., 2005, University of Texas at Austin; Social Work
  • M.A, 2003, University of Texas at Austin; Sociology
  • M.S.S.W., 2002, University of Texas at Austin; Social Work
  • B.A., 1998, University of Notre Dame; Sociology and Computer Applications


Radey, M., & Wilke, D. (in press). Client-Perpetrated Violence Among Frontline Child Welfare Workers. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 24 pages.

Radey, M., & McWey, L. (2019). Informal Networks of Low-Income Mothers: Support, Burden, and Change. Journal of Marriage and Family, 81, 953-967.

Radey, M., Schelbe, L., & Spinelli, C. L. (2018). Learning, Negotiating, and Surviving in Child Welfare: Social Capitalization Among Recently-hired Workers. Journal of Public Child Welfare, 12, 79-98.

Radey, M., Schelbe, L., McWey, L. M., & Holtrop, K. (2017). Me, Myself, and I: Perceptions of Social Capital for Mothers Aging Out of the Child Welfare System. Child and Family Social Work, 22, 981-991.

Radey, M. (2017). Postnatal College Trajectories: When and Under What Circumstances Do Mothers Enroll? Teachers College Record, 119(5), 1-28.

Radey, M. (2015). The Role of Race/Ethnicity and Acculturation in the Functioning of Disadvantaged Mothers' Social Support Networks. Family Relations, 64, 592-605.

Radey, M., & Cheatham, L. P. (2013). Do single mothers claim their share? FAFSA completion among aid-eligible female students. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education, 6, 261-275.

Radey, M., & Brewster, K. L. (2013). Safety net stability among single mothers. Journal of Social Science Research, 39, 397-415.


Radey, M., & McWey, L. M. (May 2018–Apr 2020). Influence of Social Support on Parenting and Child Outcomes. Funded by National Institute of Health (NIH): National Institute of Child Health & Development (NICHD). Total award $153,416.

Wilke, D., Radey, M., & Osteen, P. (2015–2020). Florida Study of Professionals for Safe Families. Funded by Florida Institute for Child Welfare. Total award $500,000. 

Radey, M. (Feb 2016–Dec 2016). AmeriCorps Statewide Evaluation Project & Quasi-Experimental Study of Education-focused Programs. Funded by Volunteer Florida. Total award $40,000. 

Schelbe, L., Holtrop, K., McWey, L., Radey, M., & Canto, A. (Jan 2015–Dec 2015). Evidence-Based Parenting Intervention for Leon County Youth Aging Out of the Child Welfare System. Funded by Florida Institute of Child Welfare. Total award $50,000.

Randolph, K.A. (PI), & Radey, M. (Dec 2006 – Dec 2009). Engaging Florida’s Families in Prevention. Funded by Florida Department of Children ($437,000).

Radey, M. (PI), & Crook, W.P. (Dec 2006 – Dec 2007). An Evaluation of Workforce Service Programs to Promote Employment. Funded by Workforce Plus ($40,000).

Radey, M. (PI). (May 2006 – Aug 2006). Safety nets of single mothers: Does race/ethnicity matter? Funded by Florida State University, Council on Research and Creativity ($15,000).