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Sanoop Valappanandi

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Sanoop is a doctoral student in the College of Social Work. His research broadly focuses on environmental justice, particularly the impact of environmental changes on the well-being of marginalized communities and their efforts to mitigate and adapt to these impacts. His research explores interventions aimed at improving community resilience, adaptive capacity, and overall well-being through community-engaged participatory approaches. Currently, Sanoop is working on projects related to enhancing the resilience of marginalized communities to natural disasters in Florida. He leverages interdisciplinary and collaborative research, along with his extensive experience working with indigenous and oppressed communities, to inform social work research and community impact.


  • Environmental Social Work
  • Environmental Justice
  • Community Development
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Field Experiments
  • Macro Social Work


  • MSW, 2016, Tata Institute of Social Sciences; Social Work
  • BSW, 2013, University of Calicut; Social Work


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Thomas, L., Valappanandi, S., Rodrigues, V. (2018). The Forest Game: Field Experiments as a Means to Influence Mental Models. Ecology, Economy and Society- The INSEE Journal, 1(2): 101–105. doi:

Zhang, W., Meinzen-Dick, R. S., Valappanandi, S., Balakrishna, R., Reddy, H., Janssen, M. A., & Ghate, R. (2021). Norms, Gender, and Payment Method Affect Extraction Behavior in a Framed Field Experiment on Community Forestry in India (Vol. 2091). International Food Policy Research Institute. doi:

Sanoop Valappanandi