Field Education Incentives

CEU Eligibility

Contact hours can only be awarded to licensed clinical social workers that have completed the field education training and supervise clinical students in their final field placements (SOW 5535). The field educator must have met with the student a minimum of 1 hour per week throughout the entire placement (or 1 hour biweekly for part-time students). The field educator must request contact hours by signing the final clinical evaluation, listing license number, and returning it to the student for submission. Only 15 contact hours can be applied toward licensure maintenance requirements per 2-year renewal period. Out of state educators please check with your local jurisdiction, as we cannot guarantee that the Florida CEU’s are applicable in all states. (Provider # FL-50-4971).

CEU Process

To comply with Rule 64B4-6.004(4), F.A.C. from the Board of Clinical Social Work we are requiring all field educators to complete and return a questionnaire. The questionnaire is emailed upon request of CEUS.

Your candid and thoughtful reply will not only satisfy state requirements but also aid us in serving you better. Your response and any comments will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Please return the completed questionnaire to the Office of Field Education. Upon receipt we will begin the CEU credit process.

Certificate of Participation for Field Educators

In recognition of the service given by field educators to students enrolled in field education under their supervision, the College of Social Work is authorized to issue a Certificate of Participation [PDF] by the State University System of Florida. These Certificates of Participation entitle field educators to register for university classes for a significantly reduced fee. The following regulations apply to earning and using these certificates.

Criteria for Earning Certificates

Certificates are provided to those who act as “field educators” for university students engaged in internships. This supervision must total more than 300 hours of supervised field experience, according to university regulations. For part-time internships (12-16 hours a week, over more than one semester), the field educator would earn a certificate when the student completes the internship. Field educators can only earn one certificate per semester of supervision regardless of how many students are supervised. Students must have completed a minimum of 300 hours at the internship for a field educator to qualify for a certificate.

Only Florida residents are eligible, as stated in the FSU Bulletin under “Residency Requirements for Tuition Purposes.” If supervision is provided while the field educator is an out-of-state resident, they may earn the certificate, but may not be awarded the certificate until 12 months of Florida residency is completed.

Only one certificate is issued for the supervision of each officially registered student. The MSW field educator has first priority for the certificate as the primary field educator. If this individual does not wish to request the certificate, she or he may offer the form requesting the certificate to a task supervisor. The task supervisor, however, must (1) have actively participated in the entirety of the student’s supervision, and (2) have contributed to the student’s evaluations as indicated by their signature on the evaluation forms.


Guidelines for Using the Certificates

The certificate entitles the holder to register at any State University of Florida for courses by payment of the building and capital improvement fees alone for each credit hour attempted for one term of instruction. This may be for up to six credit hours, but applies for one semester only regardless of the number of courses.

The certificate also applies to courses offered through continuing education programs of the State University System of Florida. At FSU, these are courses offered through the Center for Professional Development.

The certificate applies to courses that are offered for letter grades, on an S/U basis, for CEU’s or for auditing classes. If an individual desires to take a course on an S/U basis, which is normally offered for a letter grade, they must request permission of the Dean of Faculties through the educator teaching the course.

The holder of the certificates may or may not be a degree-seeking student. If they are not a degree-seeking student, they must be registered as a Special Student in order to register for classes. Admission to the university as a Special Student is not handled by the College of Social Work ; therefore the applicant would be responsible for contacting the FSU Registrar’s Office (850) 644-1050, to complete all registration procedures to be recognized as a Special Student. This must be finalized 30 days before the beginning of the semester. Students wishing to enroll in classes at other universities will have to check with that university for information regarding Special Student status.

Certificates are not transferable. They can only be used to waive partial costs for courses for which the individual named on the certificate is registering. The user is responsible for student fees.  The certificate may also be used for online courses, however there is an additional fee associated with online course enrollment.

Certificates are valid for not more than 36 months from the date of issue. The expiration date is indicated on the certificate itself. Recipients are responsible for keeping these certificates in their possession. Lost or misplaced certificates cannot be re-issued.

Please note Certificates can take up to a semester to process. Please turn in your application early.