Above It All Counseling Group

Mental Health (Adult)
Mental Health (Youth)
Summerville, South Carolina

We serve all populations in the Summerville, Goose Creek, North Charleston, and Mocks Corner area.  We offer group, individual and family counseling.  We serve 6 years old and up.  SW will be working  with  clients in all areas and will be co-counseling as well with licenses clinicians as well.
Interns will be responsible for individual and family counseling clients.  They will be staffing their cases weekly for supervision.  They are responsible for documentation for any clients they are seeing.  Interns will learn the EHR system and complete case assessments for all clients they are seeing.  Discharging clients when finished with services.  Participate in weekly clinical staffing meetings and will present cases at these meetings as well.  Observe all clinicians and continue to observe and co-counsel when free time during the day.

Special Placement Information:

Agency is accepting MSW 1st year students, MSW 2nd year and Advanced Standing students, (Clinical) Masks are required in all shared spaces.