Accelerated Learning Solutions (ALS)- Broward, Miami, Pompano Beach, West Palm Beach


The mission of Accelerated Learning Solutions is to help at risk students earn a standard high school diploma and prepare for post-secondary success.  We prepare students for college and career success through an individually-paced, technology-based, flexibly-scheduled program that will lead to a high school diploma and successful postsecondary transition.  The School serves high need students ages 16-21 in grades 9-12 are enrolled in the School.  These include students who are low performing, under-credited, or have dropped out (or are dangerously close to dropping out) of their traditional public schools, and students desiring an alternative approach to high school graduation.  The target student population includes students who are over-age for their current grade level.  The School integrates and adheres to all state and local requirements for successful high school graduation for our students.  Our charter school model distinguishes itself from traditional schools by taking students where they are, whenever they enroll, and surrounding them with "wraparound" social services support and crisis intervention services as they work through an academically rigorous curriculum that prepares them for graduation and a successful post-secondary transition.  Space with the schools is allocated for interns and on-site service providers to meet individually with students and in small groups.

The agreement is filed with Jacksonville. Multiple Area Locations: Jacksonville, Miami/South Florida, Orlando, Out of State, Tampa Bay & Tallahassee . Full -Time positions available for BSW, MSW 1st yr. & 2nd yr. and Part-Time positions available for BSW & MSW Students.  Students travel to and from the field placement site, and travel is not reimbursed by the Agency.  The agency does require verification of liability insurance for all students providing services on any ALS campus.  Video or audio taping is not permitted.  ALS students attend any of three four hour sessions.  Interns work with ALS Family Support Specialist (Field Instructor) and task Supervisor (school-specific) to create their internship schedules.  The agency is accessible by bus.