Alta Vista Integrated Life Services

Mental Health (Adult)
Gig Harbor, Washington

Our nurturing Families programs within Alta Vista ILS provide inclusive educational enhancement and integrated life skills for clients and families.  In addition to quality individualized educational and adaptive life skills enrichment Nurturing Families is also dedicated to personal development.  We offer life skills and social skills groups, to help clients move towards, personal development.  We offer life skills and social skills groups t help clients move towards personalized goals We offer counseling and life skills training for youth and their family systems.  Students may come to Nurturing Families needing socialization opportunities extra educational support, dropped out of public school due to COVID virtual-only restrictions or for other issues, exhausted respite, or daycare options, or may be experiencing behavioral challenges and special needs.  With the correct positive environment and support, these students will improve their educational engagement and independent functioning.  Youth who are slipping through the cracks have consistently made significant leaps and bounds with Alta vista ILS and nurturing families.

Special placement information:
Accepting BSW, MSW 1st-year, MSW 2nd-year/Advanced Standing (clinical). Full- and part-time positions available. 
Depending upon the agency location (there are three), transportation may be needed, though most offices are on bus lines.  
Experience will fall mostly during regular business hours, though there is opportunity for limited night and weekend hours.  Must be agreed upon with supervisor.  
Video taping of sessions is strictly for educational and supervision purposes and will be arranged by clinical director. 
Gig Harbor and Poulsbo locations are traditional mental health, Port Orchard locations services individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities.