Amery Hospital and Clinic's Programs for Change

Substance Abuse
Amery, Wisconsin

Our Behavioral Health Center offers the only inpatient treatment program in the northern St. Croix Valley. Our team of board-certified psychiatrists, counselors and other mental health experts are skilled in treating all types of mental health conditions, including alcohol and substance dependency.
Our treatment options include:

Inpatient mental health treatment

For patients who need around-the-clock care, we provide an inpatient treatment program. This enables our staff to provide full-time support for adult patients who are experiencing severe mental, emotional or behavioral concerns. This program is distinct from our substance use treatment program and is an acute short-term stabilization plan for people who need 24/7 care, giving them regular access to doctors and specialists.

Our inpatient treatment program is a short-stay program for adults who are struggling with chronic mental illnesses. It usually includes a combination of individual and group therapy, coping and life skills education, medication management, discharge planning, and recreational activities. The amount of time spent at inpatient treatment varies from person to person.

Outpatient therapy

During outpatient therapy, patients schedule regular appointments with their therapist. We treat patients with a combination of talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness and other strategies for managing mental health concerns.  Typically, sessions are an hour long with varied frequency dependent on patient needs. Many of our patients go as infrequently as twice a month to as frequently as a couple times a week. Our therapists specialize in both individual and family therapy for adults and children ages five and up.  Structured outpatient program (SOP)  For some people, a more intensive, structured type of therapy is the most effective way for them to manage their mental health condition. We provide that option through structured outpatient program (SOP). This is a more intensive type of outpatient therapy where adult patients attend several hours of therapy a week. We are the leading center in the area that provides this level of specialized mental health treatment. SOP includes group sessions, instruction around coping methods, and self-care techniques. This program also includes psychiatric medication management to make sure you're on the most effective prescription plan for your unique
needs. SOP tends to be a good fit for adults who have severe mental health concerns and need more personalized care to manage their illness.  Alcohol and substance use recovery.  We provide alcohol and substance use treatment for adults through Programs for Change. Programs for Change is an alcohol and substance use recovery program that's been trusted in the St. Croix Valley community for over 30 years. We're the only intensive outpatient primary treatment service in the region, and we're known for providing compassionate care and evidence-based treatment that transforms lives. Determining each individual's needs is a complex process. In order to participate in Programs for Change, each patient needs to complete
a comprehensive assessment that can take up to two hours and includes a thorough mental health evaluation, as well as a life history and chemical use history to help identify a range of needs.
The assessment will provide recommendations and referrals for improved living and treatment options including additional mental health support, medical resources and Programs for Change when appropriate. Unique treatment plans are developed for each patient and focus on breaking free of destructive cycles, restoring mental and physical health, and building resilient habits for long-term recovery.

Intensive outpatient treatment is a therapeutic, educational and supportive program where goal is for the individual to maintain sobriety and improve their quality of life. The program consists of group therapy sessions that last for three hours, three times per week. One of the weekly group sessions includes a weekly lecture series. Family members are welcome and encouraged to attend the lecture. Lecture topics include family systems, relapse prevention, disease process, stress management, 12 steps, as well as cognitive, communication, and spirituality/life enhancements. The outpatient program also includes two multi-family group sessions where individuals and their family members explore recovery together.

The Continuing Care program focuses on deepening the individual's commitment to recovery and learning to manage their disease for long-term success. The program consists of twenty sessions where groups meet for two hours once per week. Groups are designed to strengthen the individual's sober support network. Topics addressed in Continuing Care include guilt, shame, forgiveness, cross addictions, codependence, spirituality, anger management, coping skills, financial recovery, healthy relationships, family recovery, relapse process, daily inventory and goal setting. In addition to this program, participants are encouraged to attend community support groups.

Special Placement Information:

The agency receive students for BSW Full-time, MSW 1st year students, MSW 2nd year and Advanced Standing, (Social Policy and Administration) (Clinical) BSW and MSW Part-time.  Amery Hospital and Clinic is a rural, critical access hospital. Interns will not need transportation for their field duties, however, there is not public transportation in Amery. Travel is not reimbursed, and interns do not receive a stipend unless they are completing an employment-based placement. Students need not obtain personal liability insurance.  Due to the variety of services we offer, both daytime and evening hours are available for students, in addition to weekend hours. Audio and/or video taping is permitted at the department director's discretion.