Apalachee - Wakulla Clinic

Mental Health (Adult)
Crawfordville, FL 32327

Wakulla County General
Apalachee Center, Inc. is a private, not-for-profit behavioral healthcare organization offering a full range of mental health services.

Mission statement
It is the mission of Apalachee Center, Inc. to empower persons to improve the quality of life for themselves and their families through the provision of quality behavioral health care with unrelenting attention to clinical excellence and safety.

Recovery Based Case Management Services (Adults)

Services aimed at supporting self-directed recovery for persons experiencing severe and persistent mental illness, including co-occurring disorder treatment services for those individuals who are diagnosed with both a mental and substance use disorder. Case Management Services include: conducting assessments, developing individualized treatment plans, working with clients and their families to address issues related to the implementation of the service plan, assessing the effectiveness of the treatment plan in meeting the needs identified, linking clients and families with the appropriate services, and or resources, advocating in the acquisition of services and resources by representing or defending the clients through direct intervention, coordinating the delivery of services as specified on the client's treatment plan, monitoring the client and the service delivery to evaluate progress, documenting mental health targeted case management activities, crisis intervention/support, arranging for and coordinating after care services upon discharge from an inpatient or residential facility, participate in the creation of the individualized treatment plan, and when necessary conducting clinical staffing.

Psychiatric Services (Adults)

Psychiatric evaluations and medication management services, for those individuals who are receiving outpatient or community support services.

Outpatient Counseling Services (Adults/Children)

Individual, family, and group therapy.

Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
Providing outreach, screening assessment, case management, crisis intervention/management, supportive employment and psychosocial rehabilitation, and therapy to those individuals who are having employment and family instability due to substance abuse and/or mental health issue. The services offered are non-medical services.

Forensic services
Provide assessments, competency restoration and medication services to inmates at county jails.

Special Information

Full and part time BSW & MSW (clinical)  students;