A Caring Alternative, LLC

Mental Health (Adult)
Mental Health (Youth)
Morganton, North Carolina

A Caring Alternative, LLC (ACA) is a well-established comprehensive care agency providing behavioral health and substance use disorder services to adults, adolescents, and children in Western North Carolina.
At A Caring Alternative, we value our team members and foster a culture where all staff support one another. We are committed to each team member's individual and professional growth and provide various training and educational opportunities.

Intern job description:
The duties of the intern will depend their training needs as defined by their academic body and the needs of our agency.
Interns will be required to participate in trainings specific to their scope of service at A Caring Alternative, LLC. 
Interns may participate observationally and/or directly in clinical interactions with consumers based on their training, experience, and practicum or internship requirement needs, but all direct and indirect service will be closely supervised by the appropriate supervisor as defined above.
Interns may participate in clinical and/or administrative development initiatives of A Caring Alternative if these activities are within the scope of their training needs.
They will also be required to maintain ethical standards and exemplary clinical standards of service, including but not limited to confidential handling and communication of clinical information, appropriate handling of client record information when accessible to them, and other standards of professional performance and conduct as defined by the policies and procedures and code of conduct of A Caring Alternative and their licensing board.
Other duties related to direct and indirect functions of A Caring Alternative.

Special placement information:
Accepting MSW 2nd-year/Advanced Standing (clinical) students. Full- and part-time positions available. Also accepting part-time BSW students.
Transportation required.
Office and/or equipment needed to perform the internship will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
Negative TB test required.
Agency hours: 8:00AM-5:00PM, Monday-Friday. Evening and weekend hours not available.
COVID-19 vaccination recommended, not required.
A Caring Alternative strongly believes that internships are an important tool in recruiting, developing, and retaining innovative people people in the field and an important part in assisting the surrounding counties in meeting the needs of today while preparing the workforce of the future.