Center for Children's Rights

Corrections (Youth)
Criminal Justice
Jacksonville, Florida

Civil legal services, policy and practice advocacy in child-serving systems, and restorative justice. We serve children in the juvenile justice system, a majority of whom are BIPOC and/or have a disability.  We serve children up to age 21.  Social workers on our team act as resilience navigators, to connect children and families to the supports and services they need as well as to respond to crises and need relate to resource brokerage.

Special Information Placement

BSW full time, MSW 1st year students, MSW 2nd year and Advanced Standing, (Social Leadership), Part-time BSW, Part-time MSW.  We are currently fully virtual due to the pandemic. Students do not need liability insurance.  WE are open 9-5 during workdays but across our team mange our schedules individually to be available as needed to communicate with families outside of traditional work hours.