Coastal Counseling of North Florida, LLC

Family & Group Services
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Coastal Counseling of North Florida, LLC is a privately owned and operated psychotherapy 
practice specializing in adherent, individual and group Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). We 
provide individual psychotherapy to high school age adolescents, young adults, and adults. We 
facilitate weekly, 26wk (1 ½ hrs) DBT Skills Groups for young adults and adults on a continuous 
basis. We also offer a weekly DBT Graduate Group (1 ¼ hrs) for individuals who have 
“graduated” from their DBT Skills Group (after a min. of 6 months) and are looking to maintain 
progress with like-minded, skillful peers. 
Intern job description:
The ideal candidate will have an interest in and curiosity to learn Dialectical Behavior Therapy. 
Materials will be provided to the Intern and they are expected to have read the training manual 
skills that will be covered during group prior to arriving to group (a few pages). The Intern will
have the opportunity to lead group mindfulness activities and will serve as the group’s co-facilitator. 
DBT is the evidence-based treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and individuals 
who struggle to regulate their emotions, so clients may feel momentarily overwhelmed and
need to leave the room during group. When that occurs, the co-facilitator (Intern) will follow 
them into the hallway to check up on them and offer support. The therapist/group facilitator will 
meet with the Intern ahead of time to provide support and coaching as to how best to support 
clients who leave the room, using DBT skills (suggesting paced breathing, cold water TIP skill, 
or progressive muscle relaxation) with the goal of returning with the client to group. 
Interns will be responsible for taking basic notes during group and providing the type-written 
notes to facilitator, by email within 48 hrs. Examples of note taking will be provided and 
discussed ahead of time. The therapist/group facilitator will be accessible by phone, email, text, 
and in-person to provide feedback and support during internship

Special placement information:

Accepting part-time MSW students only.
DBT skills training material will be provided to the Intern electronically by pdf. DBT groups are 
typically held on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings btwn 5-8:30pm. Additional groups may 
become available in the morning or at lunch time. The office is located within a ½ mile of the South 
Beach Parkway exit of Butler Blvd/202. Covid-19 Vaccination is not required, however a waiver to 
participate in group, releasing the practice from liability should you become exposed to COVID, will 
be provided. Shields, masks, and hand sanitizer are provided and all participants are asked to 
complete COVID-19 symptom/exposure screening paperwork prior to each group. Individuals 
experiencing symptoms or with suspected exposure are expected to not attend in person. Virtual 
attendance may be arranged