Community Partnership for Children

Child Welfare
Jacksonville, FL

Agency Description:

Community Partnership for Children has developed and managed a child welfare system of care that is inclusive, responsive, and transparent. We have developed and maintained excellent collaborative relationships with our community provider network to enhance service delivery with the goals of preventing the occurrence of child abuse and reducing the number of children entering the child welfare system. We provide family preservation, reunification, adoption, fostering, independent living, and mentoring services. 

To learn what it means to design, implement, and manage a quality child protection system to include the following: building a rapport with a family, complete a family assessment, write a case plan and judicial review report, attend court hearings, conduct home visits, supervise a visit between a child and his/her parents and other tasks and job duties of a case manager.

As a case manager intern you will have the opportunity to accompany a certified case manager on the above tasks and assignments to accomplish and fulfill your internship hours while experiencing the job duties of a certified Community Partnership for Children case manager.

Special Information:

Accepting MSW Clinical Students. Transportation is required. Travel is reimbursed per agency policy. No liability insurance required. No video or audio taping is permitted. Agency hours are flexible. Agency is accessible by bus. No mask or vaccine required.