Community Partnership of the Ozarks

Family & Group Services
Springfield, Missouri

Community Partnership of the Ozarks (CPO) facilitates and promotes the building of resilient children, healthy families, and strong neighborhoods and communities through collaboration, programming and resource development. CPO internally is comprised of four divisions focusing on Affordable Housing and Homeless Prevention, Community and Neighborhood Development, Early Childhood and Family Development, and Prevention and Youth Support. CPO serves populations of all ages from birth to elderly. We focus on the most under resourced and most vulnerable of our community. Social Workers are at all levels of our organization and have experience with micro, macro, and mezzo levels of Social Work.

Special placement information:

Accepting BSW, MSW 1st-year, and MSW 2nd-year (SL + clinical) students. Full- and part-time positions available.
Some local travel required. Any travel outside our area will be reimbursed. Agency accessible via bus.
No stipend available.
Agency hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30AM - 5:00PM. Some evening and weekend hours required.
Liability insurance not required.
Video-/audio-taping not permitted.