Crossroads Hospice of Atlanta

Tucker, GA 30084

Crossroads Hospice serves terminally ill patients in their place of residence.  Patients are adults, but most are geriatric.  Patients reside in their own homes, assisted living or personal care homes, or nursing homes.  The role of the social worker is to provide linkage to necessary community resources, (benefits, entitlements, funeral planning, assisted living or nursing home placement, sitter services), advocates for the patient and family, provide emotional support and counseling to the patient and significant others and to work cooperatively with other members of the hospice interdisciplinary team to ensure that all needs are addressed and met.

MSW 1st, 2nd Year and Advanced Standing. Personal transportation is necessary and travel is not reimbursed. There is no stipend. Patient services are provided primarily during the work week but evening and weekend visits can also be made.  The office is on a bus line, but travel to patient locations is quite difficult with access to a car.