Gateway Community Services

Substance Abuse
Jacksonville, Florida

Mission: to deliver effective treatment and recovery services based on proven steps to help people suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction and mental health issues.
Core values:
The goal of abstinence: the philosophy of the Twelve Step Program
The dignity of each person served
The provision of quality service
The collaboration with other community agencies
The integration of treatment and case management in an effective continuum of care Philosophy: Alcohol and drug related problems are a major health concern. These problems include addiction, dependence, various forms of abuse, medical complications, fetal alcohol effects, which touches all areas of society and result in devastation which often includes, domestic violence, accidents, disintegration of family, crime and economic waste. Addiction is progressive, chronic, relapsing disorder with no known cure. Addiction is a family disease that is influenced by heredity, learning and the environment (culture).

Special placement information:
Accepting BSW, MSW 1st-year, and MSW 2nd-year/Advanced Standing (SL + clinical) students. Full- and part-time positions available.