Jeffrey Lacasse

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Jeffrey Lacasse

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University Center C2404
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  • Mental Health
  • Psychiatric Medications


  • PhD, 2008, Florida State University; Social Work
  • MSW, 2000, Florida State University; Clinical Social Work
  • BA, 1997, St. Leo College; Liberal Arts and Psychology


Lacasse, J.R. (2014). After DSM-5: A critical research agenda for the 21st century. Research on Social Work Practice.

Lacasse, J.R., & Cacciatore, J. (2014). Prescribing of psychiatric medication to bereaved parents following perinatal/neonatal death: An observational study. Death Studies.

Lietz, C.A., Lacasse, J.R., Hayes, M., & Cheung, J. (2014). The role of services in mental health recovery: A qualitative examination of service experiences among individuals diagnosed with serious mental illness (SMI). Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research

Hess, J.Z., Lacasse, J.R., Harmon, J., Williams, D., & Vierling-Claasen, N. (2014). “Is there a getting better from this, or not?” Examining the meaning and possibility of recovery from mental disorder. Child and Youth Services.

Cohen, D., Lacasse, J.R., Dan, R., & Senglemann, I. (2013). CriticalThinkRX may reduce prescribing to foster youth: Results from an intervention trial. Research on Social Work Practice. doi: 10.1177/1049731513477691


Lacasse, J.R., & Gambrill, E.. (2015). Making assessment decisions: Macro, mezzo, and micro perspectives. In B. Probst (Ed.)., Critical Thinking in Clinical Diagnosis and Assessment. New York: Springer.

Lacasse, J.R., & Leo, J. (2014). Challenging the narrative of chemical imbalance: A look at the evidence. In B. Probst (Ed.)., Critical Thinking in Clinical Diagnosis and Assessment. New York: Springer.

Leo, J., & Lacasse, J.R. (2009). The manipulation of data and attitudes about ADHD: A study of consumer advertisements. In S. Tamimi & J. Leo (Eds.)., Rethinking ADD: From brain to culture (pp. 287-312). New York: Palgrave Macmillan.


Lacasse, J.R. (2014). “A Qualitative Examination of Patient Perspectives Regarding the RxISK Web-Based Adverse Effect Reporting Tool.” Funded by the United Kingdom RxISK Fund/Centre for Data-Based Medicine. Total award $1,800. Role: Principal Investigator.

Lacasse, J.R. (2014). “Patient and Prescriber Perspectives Regarding the the RxISK Web-Based Adverse Effect Reporting Tool: A Pilot Study.” Funded by the Florida State University Council on Research and Creativity. Total award $20,000. Role: Principal Investigator.

Lacasse, J.R. (2011). “Evaluation of an educational intervention to improve the use of psychotropic medications in child welfare settings.” $22,840 peer-reviewed research seed grant awarded by the Knowledge Enterprise Development group through the College of Public Programs, Arizona State University. Role: Principal Investigator.

Jeffrey Lacasse