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Megan Vogt is a doctoral candidate here at the College of Social Work. Vogt is passionate about working with underserved communities and the continuous efforts to provide services to those impacted by the legal system. She is interested in pursuing systems-level change for those with legal involvement to improve outcomes for the millions who make contact annually. Vogt brings expertise in residential eating disorder treatment modalities to her work, where she has focused on delivering evidence-based treatments and evaluating the effectiveness of trauma-informed support services to individuals leaving incarceration and returning home. She also has experience working in middle schools, college campuses, jail settings, and prisons. 

Vogt holds a Bachelor of Social Work degree and a Bachelor of Science in Criminology/Criminal Justice from  Arizona State University. In 2020, Vogt graduated with a Master of Social Work and Master of Science in Criminology, both from Florida State University. She is pursuing a doctoral degree in social work at Florida State University, where she finds passion in working within the community and teaching in our classrooms.


  • Intersectionality of Social Work and Criminal Justice


  • MSW, 2020, Florida State University; Social Work
  • MS, 2020, Florida State University; Criminology
  • BS, 2018, Arizona State University; Social Work and Criminology/Criminal Justice

Megan Vogt