Service Overview

In addition to preparing graduates to work with populations in need, the FSU College of Social Work is also committed to supporting communities through collaboration and service.  The faculty and students, as well as the staff, are engaged in a wide range of activities and programs to improve the lives of others. This includes local, state, national, and international service.

Our students engage in volunteer activities through multiple student social work organizations, and completed a total of 178,384 hours in field work providing services through social work agencies in 2010.  This year OXFAM@FSU is teaming up with our very own student organization, ASSW, to continue our mission of raising awareness of people experiencing homelessness in the Big Bend Area, “Conversation Pieces” is a two-phase project. Phase one involves entering the HOPE Community with a team of volunteers to hold art sessions with the community’s residents. The purposes of these sessions are to empower the residents through self-expression by providing art as a platform to do so.

Faculty members in the CSW participate in local service projects and volunteer consultation in their specific areas of specialty, including the City Initiative to End Homelessness, “Homeward Bound,” Refuge House (services for battered women and their children), National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Big Bend Cares, OASIS Center for Women and Girls, Tallahassee Veterans Village, Big Bend Hospice, as well as international projects.