Friends of CSW

We are extremely grateful and appreciative of the many alumni, friends and organizations who made charitable gifts during the 2014 fiscal year to help support the College of Social Work. Many thanks to each of those listed for your support and continued interest of our important mission.

Each donor will receive in the mail a copy of the College of Social Work’s annual magazine.

Please know that your gift is very important to us.

For questions, contact Colette Podgorski, Director of Development at or (850) 645-1321.

$25,000 – $100,000

Dr. and Mrs. William Crawford Dixon
Ms. Frances Laskey

$10,000 – $24,999

Helios Education Foundation
Robert P. Hurrle Trust
Mr. Guy M. Spearman, III and Mrs. Delores Spearman
Mrs. Katherine A. Bradley
Mrs. Joyce Laidlaw and Mr. Donald A. Laidlaw

$1,000 – $9,999

Dr. Diana M. DiNitto
Ms. Pamela F. Brooks and Mr. Jimmie L. Brooks
Mark & Lula Hamilton DeGraff Trust
Mr. Dominic N. Calabro, Sr. and Mrs. Debra L. Calabro
Mrs. Cheryl D. Rowland
Ms. Margaret G. Ashmore
Mr. William M. Brandt and Nolia C. Brandt, Ph.D.
Mr. John T. Herndon and Mrs. Cathleen M. Herndon
Mr. Thomas L. Bernier and Ms. Judith E. Bernier
Ms. Kim Maddox
Dr. C. Aaron McNeece and Mrs. Sherrill McNeece
Ms. Helen F. Tasker and Mr. Phillip L. Tasker

$500 – $999

John H. Paschal, L.C.S.W. and Ms. Margaret P. Paschal
Ms. Lucie M. Patton and Mr. Charles C. Patton
Ms. Leslie M. Liely and Mr. Neil R. Kiely
Mrs. Jessica J. Weems and Mr. Charles R. Weems
Mr. Donald W. Adams and Ms. Debra C. Cobia
Ms. Doris A. Howell
Ms. Ruth A. Irvin and J. Michael Dimaio, M.D.
Mr. Randall J. McGary and Ms. Mary Ellen Masterson-McGary
Stephen P. Preisser, Esq. and Ms. Tracey L. Preisser
The Honorable George S. Reynolds, III and Mrs. Ruth A. Reynolds
Mr. Robert A. Young and Ms. Grace S. Young

$100 – $499

Mr. Donald W. Adams
Ms. Alice M. Bejnar and Mr. Tor J. Bejnar
Ms. Debra C. Cobia
ADM Lee E. Duggar and Mr. Stephen Duggar
Mr. Robert H. Burch and Ms. May Burch
Mr. Robert B. Disbennett and Mrs. Elvira R. Disbennett
Mr. William L. Garrison and Ms. Mary Jo Mlakar
Kimberly R. Galant, Ph.D.
William A. Anderson, Ph.D. and Ms. Robin R. Wingo
Ms. Virginia G. Barr and Mr. Harry E. Barr
Dr. James M. Cheatham and Mrs. Donna F. Cheatham
Ms. Betty L. Hart and Mr. James Hart
Ms. Rosa L. Jones
Ms. Margaret O. Solberger
Ms. Cynthia A. Courts-Marshall
Ms. Leia L. Cathey and Mr. John R. Cathey
Mr. Michael D. Banes, Sr.
Ms. Tasha O. Buford
Mrs. Kristina D. Burton
Ms. Betty S. Carley and Mr. Willie E. Carley
Ms. Lauren E. Cowman
Mr. Michael D. Faulkner
Mr. Anthony D. Forde and Ms. Faya C. Forde
Ms. Margaret B. Gerard
Ms. Tracey A. Golay
Ms. Patricia B. Hicks and Mr. Daniel J. Hicks, Jr.
Mr. Riley G. Kline and Ms. Melodie R. Kline
Mrs. Mary Jane Lloyd
Ms. Christine E. McCall
Miss Rebecca M. Miller
Ms. Pamela T. Smith
Mr. Herbert L. Wiles and Mrs. Annette F. Wiles
Ms. Kitty F. Woodley and Mr. Glenn Woodley
Ms. Billie J. York and
Mr. Douglas K. York and
Mr. Dennis A. Deckerhoff and Mrs. Rosalyn B. Deckerhoff
Mr. Reinaldo Soto and Mrs. Alicia S. Soto
Ms. Linda Dixie
Lynwood F. Arnold, Jr., Esq. and Mrs. Laura P. Arnold
Dr. Kia J. Bentley and Ms. Martha L. Truman
Ms. Jan C. Brogdon and Mr. James A. Brogdon, Jr.
Mr. Roger F. Crowe
Ms. Cindi J. Dahler
Ms. Beverly C. DeChiaro
Ms. Jane S. DeLung and Mr. Charles F. Westoff
Ms. Margery E. Lueder
Mr. William R. Mabile, III and Ms. Linda L. Mabile
Mr. Gregory S. Maxey
Mr. Kenneth V. York, Jr.
Ms. Patricia A. Reid and Mr. Thomas W. Caufman
Mrs. Valerie A. Peck
Mr. Tony Tripodi
Mr. Doyle F. Boyd, Sr. and Ms. Doris L. Boyd
Mr. Kenneth B. Fick
Ms. Susan K. Frieman and Mr. Bruce W. Frieman
Dr. Rhonda Vinson Geddie and Mr. Gary L. Geddie
Dr. Robert K. Grigsby and Mrs. Martha W. Grigsby
Mrs. Sherry I. Jordan-Johnson
Ms. Deborah Rubens
Mr. Hiram A. Ruiz
Mrs. Jane M. Simpson and Mr. Robert G. Simpson
Mr. Charles B. Tiffany
Mrs. Mimi Tubbs Walden and Mr. Clarke Walden
Dr. Sanford D. White
Mr. Jeff C. Crew, Jr. and Ms. Linda H. Crew
Mrs. Louise J. Guy
Ms. Eva M. Bell
Ms. Chantelle L. Burney
Ms. Zelda A. Demmel
Ms. Marline M. Feliciano
Mr. Peter F. Hansinger
Mrs. Lilly A. Harris
Ms. Penelope Paige Janowski
Mrs. Martha W. Maddox
Mr. John A. McCaffrey
Mr. Jerry J. McManus
Mr. Justin H. McManus
Dr. Paul R. Newcomb
Mr. Mark S. Ormandy
Mrs. Emily B. Sparks
Mrs. Ruth Margaret Steele and Dr. Jordon N Steele, D.D.S.
Ms. Taffie B. Turner
Dr. Daria V. Hanssen and Mr. Peter E. Hanssen
Mrs. Ann M. Williams and Mr. Harry J. Williams
Mrs. Evelyn P. Centrone
Admiral Linda W. Dillon and Mr. Danny M. Dillon
Mrs. Yvonne K. Gatz
Ms. Janet C. Isaac and Mr. Albert B. Isaac
Mr. Benny Reed
Ms. Cheryl A. Smith
Mr. Thomas W. Lager and Ms. Patricia B. Lager
Dr. Steven L. Aggelis and Mrs. Kitty J. Aggelis
David L. Albright, Ph.D. and Mrs. Jami Albright
Apollo Consulting Group
Mr. Les Armstrong and Mrs. Susan M. Armstrong
Mr. Nathan Berolzheimer
Mrs. Diane M. Blakeslee
Mr. Fairlie Brinkley
Mr. Joseph E. Brooks and Mrs. Dana Morris-Brooks, Esq.
Dr. Leigh M. Brooks
Ms. Susan Brosnan-Maddox and Mr. Rod A. Maddox
Ms. Amy H. Brown and Mr. Todd A. Brown
Mr. James T. Clark, Jr. and Ms. Mary W. Clark
Ms. Patricia M. Convertino
Mr. Alfred Cumming
Ms. Jeannine K. Eckel
Mr. Gerard J. Egan and Mrs. Dolores M. Egan
Mrs. Lois U. Ehrenzeller
Ms. Ashley M. English
Ms. Kassie A. Everett-Carroll
Miss Delia E. Gaffney
Mr. Chris H. Gosen and Ms. Patricia T. Gosen
Ms. Jennifer K. Green
Ms. Mary Griffin
Ms. Elaine S. Gurley
Ms. Susan A. Halloran and Mr. John C. Halloran
Mrs. Dale K. Harris
Miss Judith E. Hefren
Ms. Amanda E. Heystek
Mrs. Sherrelle S. Hightower
Ms. E. Gannon Hunt
Ms. Linda L. Issler and Mr. Paul W. Issler
Deborah S. Jervis, L.C.S.W.
Robert W. Joyce, Esq.
Mrs. Deborah L. Kern and LTC(R) Scott G. Kern
Ms. Linda W. King and Mr. Johnathan E. King
Mr. Allan A. Koslofsky
Dr. James L. Lee
Ms. Miriam H. Lee and Mr. Robert K. Lee
CAPT Ralph A. Lockhart and Mrs. Gloria B. Lockhart
Mr. Emery A. Maddox, Jr.
Mr. Guy M. Maddox
Mrs. Sheila M. Malloy and Mr. Michael J. Malloy
Mr. Dennis C. Mann and Mrs. Linda M. Mann
Ms. Donna M. Mann
Ms. Virginia E. May
Ms. Lisa B. McCullough and Mr. Walter O. McCullough
Mr. Donald M. Michaels
Ms. Ann W. Mier
Mrs. Betty D. Miller and Dr. Kent S. Miller
Mrs. Marian P. Miller
Mr. Carlos J. Montas
Ms. Marian B. Moore and Walter L. Moore, Jr., Ph.D.
Ms. Zee A. Mounton
Mr. Jerome P. Mouton
Ms. Julia D. Pearsall and Mr. Steven J. Dickey
Mrs. Elizabeth Ponder
Ms. Ann D. Poss
Mrs. Charis C. Powell and Mr. John Hood Powell
Ms. Margaret M. Pugh and Mr. John R. Pugh
Dean David W. Rasmussen and Mrs. Joanne Oliveri-Rasmussen
Mrs. Susan E. Renick and Mr. John W. Renick
Mr. Fred B. Richmond
Ms. Betty A. Roberts and Mr. Paul Roberts, Jr.
Mrs. Virginia Webb Rowell
Mr. Brian Edward Rowland
Ms. Candice L. Runnion
Mr. Jon Sakurai-Horita and Ms. Deborah A. Sakurai-Horita
Mr. Rahim Samji
CAPT Jay A. Seligman
Ms. Dorothy S. Siler
Ms. Jean E. Simpson
Mr. Frederick H. Slade, Jr. and Ms. Marsha H. Slade
Mrs. Patricia Caro Smith
Gwendolyn J. Spencer, Esq.
Ms. Carnella A. Stewart
Ms. Diane L. Stuart
Ms. Laurie J. Townsend
Mr. Thomas H. Townsend
Ms. Rachel A. Walton
Mr. Mosell Washington, Jr.
Ms. Mary A. Wilkes
Mr. James D. Wright
Ms. Nancy E. Wright
Mr. Theodore Zateslo and Ms. Sherry A. Mills

$1 – $99

Mr. James W. Browning and Ms. Patricia T. Browning
Ms. Billie B. Reul
Miss Evelyn Alvarez
Mr. Estel R. Hicks and Ms. Patricia P. Hicks
Mr. Robert J. Irvin and Ms. Joyce M. Irvin
Ms. Georgia F. Cumming
Ms. Jamilyah T. Dickey
Ms. Margaret E. Gunn and Mr. Robert A. Gunn
Ms. Jean B. Hess and Mr. Robert E. Hess, Jr.
Ms. Marjorie M. Johnson
Ms. Barbara J. Lawrence
Mr. Thomas A. Linehan
Ms. Harriette M. McCarter
Ms. Debra Pierre
Mrs. Eleanor R. Rouse
Mrs. Sondra B. Sherman
Dr. Linda L. Teague
The Walt Disney Company Foundation
Mr. Fred D. Westbrook
Mr. John S. Buzzell and Ms. Shirley Buzzell
Ms. Marcella G. Portewig
Mr. Kenneth A. DeCerchio and Ms. Teresa L. DeCerchio
Mrs. Judith Ann Johnson and Mr. Dan Bailey
Ms. Karen W. Kenly
Mrs. Margarette F. Kennerly and Mr. Ira K. Kennerly
Mr. Mark S. Yarnold
Mr. Charles H. Edmands, Jr. and Ms. Connie M. Edmands
Ms. Sherie R. Corbett
Mrs. Mary-Elizabeth Adamson
Ms. Mary L. Allgire
Ms. Louise A. Axelberg and Mr. Richard E. Axelberg
Mrs. S. Jean Barnes
Catherine Bedell, Esq.
Mrs. Christa B. Boots
Mrs. Alyene W. Brett
Mr. Paul V. Brooks and Ms. Barbara J. Brooks
Ms. Terriyln C. Cannon
Mr. Alejandro C. Cardona and Dr. Amelia A. Cardona
Ms. Marianne A. Carlson and Mr. Lee R. Carlson
Mr. Jones P. Carter and Mrs. Jerry L. Carter
Ms. Nancy A. Caudill and Mr. Leland E. Caudill
Ms. Carol J. Clarke
Michael F. Coppins, Esq. and Mrs. Martha O. Coppins
Mr. L. Wayne Coryell
Ms. Ariel C. Curry
Dr. Harold E. Davis, Jr. and Ms. Alice Y. Davis
Ms. Mary-Beth Du Bois
Ms. Sandra F. Ebron
Ms. Tameika D. Edwards
Mr. Irving L. English and Ms. Patricia M. English
Ms. Rachel V. Evans
Mr. Vernon P. Faillettaz
Ms. Kathleen L. Forsyth and Mr. John R. Forsyth
Ms. Natalie H. Frizzell and Mr. Alan C. Frizzell
Mr. William D. Girtman
Mr. Douglas M. Graiver
Ms. Margarita H. Grant
Mr. Ira M. Greil and Mrs. Marlene P. Greil
Mr. Gary F. Griffin
Mr. James F. Henry and Mrs. Jane M. Henry
Ms. Susie I. Hinson-Jackson and Mr. Herman V. Jackson
Mr. Peter D. Howard
Mr. Jerry C. Kaline and Mrs. Anna M. Kaline
Ms. Maria C. Kesti and Mr. Michael W. Kesti
Mr. Gerard J. Kobylinski and Mrs. Barbara A. Kobylinski
Ms. Lori Kohler
Mr. Andrew E. Korenvaes
Mr. James M. Kouba
Mr. Daniel P. Kurtz
Mr. Randy Lewis
Lion Mane, Inc.
Ms. Katherine M. Loader and Mr. Michael J. Loader
Mr. William M. Mandernack
Ms. Denise C. Manna
Mr. John R. Manna
Ms. Linda M. Manning
Mrs. Gerda W. Marchese
Mayor John R. Marks, III and Mrs. Jane C. Marks
Ms. Judith A. Martin
Ms. Katherine I. Mathews
Mrs. Patricia-Anne R. McCleary and Mr. Thomas J. McCleary
Mrs. Marlene A. McCulley and Mr. Robert W. McCulley
Mr. Romulo J. Mella
Mr. Grady W. Smith and Mrs. Mary L. Merritt-Smith
Ms. Kristi L. Minneti
Kathryn D. Mixon, L.C.S.W. and Mr. Scott Chodkiewicz
Ms. Dolores V. Moore-Aydelette and Mr. Richard C. Aydelette
Ms. Lynell J. Mulcahy
Ms. Meghan R. Murray
Mr. Corley H. Nease
Mrs. Virginia L. Nease
Mrs. Karen S. Norton and Mr. Robert J. Norton
Ms. Eileen M. O’Kennedy
Mrs. Wilma J. Piccard and Mr. Donald L. Piccard
Mrs. Judith K. Pinchak and Mr. Kenneth Pinchak
Mr. Nicholas F. Plenge, Sr. and Mrs. Sherri K. Plenge
Mrs. Patricia B. Ramey and Mr. Scott L. Ramey
Dr. Karen A. Randolph
Ms. Donna J. Rauber
Ms. Linda B. Reuschle
Commissioner Cassandra G. Reynolds
Mrs. Charlotte R. Rorie and Mr. Robert W. Rorie
Ms. Susan Rozelle
Mr. Herbert G. Schimmel and Mrs. Brenda Schimmel
Mr. Nicholas A. Schrader and Carly J. Schrader, Esq.
Mr. James R. Shelton, III and Mrs. Ellen S. Shelton
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Sowden and Mr. Robert W. Sowden
Mrs. Kimberly K. Spence and Mr. Timothy S. Spence
Mr. Melvin S. Spierer
Dr. Douglas St. Angelo and Ms. Patricia St. Angelo
Mrs. Brenda T. Swanson
Mrs. Regina R. Tanzy
Mr. Alfred R. Taylor and Ms. Johnnie B. Taylor
Ms. Elizabeth A. Tickle
Mrs. Martha M. Ulmer and Mr. John M. Ulmer
Ms. Linda S. Vinton
Mr. Wilbur C. Walker, Jr. and Ms. Rebecca A. Walker
Ms. Nancy Y. Webb
Mr. Kenneth R. Wedel and Ms. Carol Wedel
Ms. Anne H. Wilson
Mr. J. Robert Wilson, Jr.
Mr. Patrick C. Worlds
Mrs. Patricia L. Grady and Mr. Shawn R. Grady
Dr. Bernard J. McFadden and Mrs. Georgiana L. McFadden
Ms. Joy C. Peebles
Agency for Persons with Disabilities
Ms. Nancy Blanton and Mr. Emory Blanton
Ms. Lynne C. Daw
Ms. Vicki A. Draughon and Mr. Donald M. Draughon
Ms. Ethlynn L. Earnhart
Ms. Colleen M. Foley and Mr. James M. Foley
Sudarshan Kapoor, Ph.D. and Veena V. Kapoor, MSW, Ed.D.
Ms. Jewel D. Partridge and Mr. Joseph F. Partridge
Mr. Jonathan L. Brainard
Mr. Thomas H. Broome, Jr.
Mrs. Ann S. Cannon
Janet S. Carlson, L.C.S.W.
Mrs. Eva M. Curry
Sophia F. Dziegielewski, Ph.D. and Mr. Linden S. Siri
Mrs. Audrey L. Farquharson and Mr. James M. Farquharson
Mr. Mark P. Fontaine
Ms. Jane A. Godager
Ms. Jennifer B. Hall
Ms. Shirley A. Jones
Mr. Crichton S. McCutcheon and Ms. Maria F. McCutcheon
Mr. Charles H. Nye and Mrs. Rebecca T. Nye
Mrs. Marion D. Olivier
Dr. Nancy D. Oquinn
Ms. Elaine L. Owens
Mrs. Erin S. Post
Mr. Wallace Rich and Mrs. Lee Rich
Mr. William A. Rodgers
Mrs. Kathleen M. Stewart
Mr. William H. Swindell
Ms. Carol A. Tullius
Ms. Juanita M. Walton
Mildred V. Waskiewicz, Ph.D.
Ms. Gae A. Weber
Mr. David M. Willson
Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson H. Matthews
Dr. J. Neil Abell
Ms. Mary A. Doolittle, L.C.S.W.
Julie E. Knop, L.C.S.W.
Ms. Joan Emont Leshner and Mr. Brian Leshner
Mrs. Mary C. McNair and Mr. James P. McNair
Ms. Sarah J. Mooney and Mr. Robert T. Mooney
Mr. Zachary R. Summerlin and Ms. Laura S. Summerlin
Ms. Linda H. Teresi
Mrs. Kathleen M. Allman
Ms. Debra Terenzio Aniello and Mr. Joseph A. Aniello
Ms. Sheree Bouchillon and Mr. Rusty Bouchillon
Ms. Tara S. Boyter
Ms. Barbara F. Brabham and Mr. David A. Brabham
Miss Jessica R. Bradstreet
Mr. Jay R. Bright
Mr. Ben D. Brown, Jr. and Mrs. Carolyn R. Brown
Ms. Linda J. Brown
Ms. Nikki W. Bryan
Ms. Bonnie L. Campbell
Carroll & Company, CPAs
Mr. Frederick Carroll, III and Ms. Mary S. Carroll
Ms. Harriet R. Chase
Ms. Margaret A. Chase
Mr. David E. Contos
Sonia R. Crockett, Esq. and Mr. Jack W. Van Doren
Mr. David A. Cromer
Mr. George H. Datesman, Jr. and Mrs. Maryanne K. Datesman
Mrs. Erica R. Dickey
Mr. Joseph R. Dills
Ms. Ruth E. Dills
Ms. Amy E. Edl
Ms. Debra S. Exum
Mr. Cordell C. Francis, Jr.
Ms. Nina A. Freeman
Mrs. Cathy E. Garrett and Mr. Larry Garrett
Mrs. Sandra F. Genetin
Mrs. Karen Lee Givens
Ms. Catherine O. Goddette
Mrs. Yvonne E. Grogan
Mr. James W. Gross
The Honorable Timothy D. Harley and Ms. Marsha R. Orr
Mr. Edward T. Hida and Ms. Heidi M. Hida
Mr. David J. Homiszczak
Ms. Elizabeth L. Houghton and Mr. Richard T. Houghton
Ms. Anastasia B. Igartua
Ms. Vicki L. Katz and Mr. Paul Katz
Ms. Suzanne B. Lederer and Mr. Cal M. Lederer
Mr. Robert B. Lewis and Ms. Karen W. Lewis
Mr. Leslie MacDill, II and Professor Pamela D. Graham
Ms. Joan T. R. Macmillan
Ms. Judith W. Mathews
Ms. Patricia R. McCullough
Ms. Alana M. Monge
Ms. Laura M. Myers
Ms. Catherine A. Paluch
Mrs. M. Teresa Paredes-Sanchez and Mr. Arnulfo Sanchez
Mr. James A. Post and Ms. Sydney P. Post
Jon C. Prothero, Ph.D. and Ms. Margaret A. Prothero
Ms. Andrea M. Retana
Ms. Sarah R. Rode
Mr. Wang Chun H. S. Rosenkranz
Dr. John A. Sample
Mrs. Michele M. Saunders and Mr. Ted B. Saunders
Mr. Stephen C. Saur
Mrs. Martine E. Schoenwetter and Mr. David J. Schoenwetter
Ms. Agnes L. Scott
Ms. Janet K. Sharp and Mr. Owen D. Sharp, Jr.
Mr. Richard B. Shelfer and Ms. Emma C. Guilarte
Ms. Marilyn H. Slater
Ms. Cheryl Smith
Ms. Carol P. Sowell
Mr. William T. Spivey, II and Ms. Melinda M. Spivey
Mr. M. L. Stafford
Ms. Eileen M. Stana
Miss Lianne M. Stevenson
Mr. Richard T. Strickland
Mrs. Patricia G. Titus
Dr. Stanley W. Tozer and Dr. Barbara J. Busharis
Mrs. Sandra H. Turnipseed and Mr. Gene T. Turnipseed
Mr. John C. Waferling
Ms. Kara M. Walker
Ms. Barbara E. Webb and Mr. Charles R. Webb
Ms. Sheryl E. Wightman and Mr. John E. Wightman
Dr. Dolores J. Wilder
Mr. Jeffrey E. Langenderfer and Ms. Deborah L. Langenderfer
Mr. George B. Armstrong
Ms. Sylvia Beyer
Ms. Shelley B. Breuggeman
Ms. Virginia L. Brown
Mr. Michael T. Flury and Ms. Rosanna C. Flury
Mrs. Tobi L. Goodman and Mr. T. Kenny Goodman
Mr. John F. Hampton and Ms. Bessie M. Hampton
Mr. James F. Hayden
Ms. Shannon E. Hobson
Ms. April N. Hughes
Dr. D. Lynn Jackson
Mr. Octavius R. Jackson
LTC(R) William W. Jackson, Jr. and Mrs. Lynn E. Jackson
Mr. David C. Kendall and Mrs. Vivian F. Kendall
Mr. Alexander B. Meng
Mrs. Christie S. Ragsdale
Ms. Sabrenna J. Reed
Ms. April E. Riley
Ms. Andrea N. Santiago
Mr. Gerald A. Swinnerton and Ms. Betty L. Swinnerton
Mr. Jeremy L. White, L.C.S.W.
Ms. Patricia P. Whitehead and Mr. James W. Whitehead
Mr. Charles E. Wilburn
Mrs. Jo Ellen E. Wilburn
Ms. Bonnie Williams
Mr. Alan E. Zauche and Ms. Mary L. Zauche
Ms. Linda R. Brown, L.C.S.W.
Ms. Catherine M. Branch
Ms. Phyllis A. Dow
Ms. Ludwika A. Goodson
Ms. Gail L. Allen
Mrs. Alice M. Benjar and Mr. Tor J. M. Benjar
Mary Ellen Clark, Esq.
Ms. Elsa A. Collins
Ms. Crystal Cumbo
Ms. Joel I. Giarrusso
Ms. Kacee N. Hayes
Mr. Richard D. Hopkins
Ms. Elizabeth M. House
Ms. Hyejin Kim
Mr. Jon K. Marvin
Ms. Ember M. Maselli
Ms. Jane McPherson
Ms. Suzanne M. Salak
Ms. Sharon Stephens
Mr. Mark J. Stern
Ms. Katie A. Vanhusan
Ms. Chengcheng Wei
Ms. Terry White
Mr. Douglas S. Zimmerman
Ms. Pamela N. Mathews
Mr. John B. Pekins and Dr. Jayme E. Harpring
Ms. Joanne David
Mr. Chad W. Dunn
Ms. Adrianna L. Flores
Ms. Janet Herring
Ms. Taylor L. Higdon
Ms. Rita Hughes
Ms. Nicole E. Setticase
Miss Sarah Stern