Friends of CSW

We are grateful to our alumni, friends and organizations who made charitable gifts during the fiscal year to support the College of Social Work. Many thanks to each of those listed for your support and continued interest in our important mission. Please know that your gift is very important to us.

For questions, contact Colette Podgorski, Director of Development at or (850) 645-1321.

* Names are in order of donation amount and the list includes all those who made outright gifts, deferred and estate gifts, pledge commitments, stock transfers, real estate gifts, or corporate matching gifts of $500 or more received by the College of Social Work from January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022. Gifts received after this time will be included in the next issue of the magazine. 

$25,000 or more

Jeffrey A. and Agnes F. Stoops
Stoops Family Foundation, Inc.
American Endowment Foundation
Cigna Foundation
Francisco J. Sanchez
Guy M. and Delores Spearman
Spearman Foundation, Inc.
Community Foundation for Palm Beach & Martin Counties
Joy H. Hevey
Jeffery S.  Binkley
William L. Garrison and Mary J. Mlakar
First Presbyterian Church

$10,000 - $25,000

Tom and Cathie Herndon
Helios Education Foundation
Katherine Kole
James C. and Elizabeth R. Smith

$1,000 - $9,999

Mark & Lula Hamilton DeGraff Trust
Schwab Charitable Fund
William M. and Nolia Brandt
Early Learning Coalition Of The Big Bend Region, Inc.
Robert F. and Mary K. Frappier
Brinton Hevey and Lisa Hevey
Peter D. and Mary Lee C. Jones
Chapin Hall
Compu-Care Management & Systems, Inc.
Frappier Family Charitable Trust
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.
Stabilify, LLC
Diana M. DiNitto
Robert E. and Lenore M. Rice
Selfless Love Foundation, Inc.
Epsilon Sigma Of Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Kathryn A. and Walter Felton
Richard M. and Cheryl O. King
Judith B. Albright
Thomas L. and Judith O. Bernier
Leslie and Pamela W. MacDill
James J. Clark and Elizabeth L. Croney
Leah D. Dienger
The Children's Home Society of Florida
James A. and Mary H. Freeman
Jeffrey E. and Nancy S. Lickson
Pamela F. and Jimmie L. Brooks
Dominic M. and Debra L. Calabro

$500 - $999

John H. and Margaret P. Paschal
Elaine S. Gurley
Cecily A. and Thomas M. Hardin
Patricia B. Hicks
Elizabeth Cheek-Jones
Delta Delta Delta Sorority
Donald W. Adams
William A. Anderson and Robin R. Wingo
Kathleen R. and Charles R. Figley
M. C. and David K. Hosman
Christopher E. Iansiti and Michael A. Fornaro
Walter and Sherry J. Johnson
Rosa L. Jones
Arden W. and Carol Anne Kelley
Ani and Michael B. Mathers
Gregory W. Schneider
Ashbel C. and Janet E. Williams
Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore, Inc.
Mental Health Risk Retention Group Inc.
The Meyers Group

$499 and below

Kathleen A. Kearney and Francisco J. Alarcon
Karen L. Oehme and Nat S. Stern
Karen A. Koch
Kia J. Bentley and Martha L. Truman
Bruce M. and Nancy P. Ford
Janice and Michael A. Eakin
Jean H. and Gordon A. Goodin
Carnella A. Stewart
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Bruce F. Andersen and Nancy Andersen
Sydney C. Carrow
Annette Crawford
Carol C. and Adnan E. Edwards
Susan E. Folwell
Mark R. Peterson
Thomas B. and Caroline Player
Peter and Margaret Sherman
Philip Walters
John T. and Janis O. Ahearn
Nikki W. Bryan
Carol J. Clarke
Frank D. Collins and Catherine Milatos-Collins
Andrew B. and Susan Q. Coulter
John B. and Betty W. Crowe
Zelda A. Demmel
Albert R. Fields
Valeriann P. Johnson
James B. and Jane W. Lee
Elizabeth I. MacIolek
Marian P. Miller
Debra Pierre
Libby G. Royer
Pierre Tribolet and Pearson Croney-Clark
Kent R. and Maxine T. Watkins
Michael A. Weiland
Margaret Windham
Cassandra M. Stack
Lateshia B. Barnes
Katrina J. Boone
Adam B. Culver
Jocelyne M. Fliger and Michael J. Deese
Thea Henry
Darin C. Lockyear
Gwendolyn J. Spencer
Nicholas F. Mazza
Stacy Scott
Office Of The Public Defender, 8th Judicial  Circuit
Martha L. Bass
George B. Armstrong
Donald H. and Barbara S. Defoe
Reid J. Drapp and Shaleiah P. Fox
Robert J. and Michelle Fowler
Louise J. Guy
Shalay K. Jackson
Donald M. Michaels
Julia D. Pearsall and Steven J. Dickey
Anne S. Selvey
The Moore Agency
Rocky Mountain Human Services
Dawn M. Reed
Lisa A. Schelbe and Christopher P. Schoborg
Kevin G. Brown
Kathrin T. Combs
Charles H. and Connie M. Edmands
Joseph N. Abell
Elizabeth and Norman B. Anderson
S. J. Barnes
Virginia G. and Harry E. Barr
Jeannie B. Barrett
Nathan Berolzheimer and Patricia Barron
Robyn C. and Frank T. Bethany
Marie Y. and Robert W. Bockwinkel
Timothy J. Bos
Glenda F. Bussell
Jason A. and Kristeen D. Butterworth
Burton L. Carlson
Marianne A. and Lee R. Carlson
Leia L. Cathey
Michael F. and Martha O. Coppins
Robert E. and Esther A. Cummings
Kenneth A. and Teresa L. De Cerchio
Dennis A. and Rosalyn B. Deckerhoff
Susan S. and Jack T. Fiorito
Clara M. Fiveash
Kathleen L. and John R. Forsyth
Eva M. Frink
Kelli Gallegos
Fred R. and Sheryl L. Gilbert
Tomi and Francine M. Gomory
Tobi L. Goodman
Virginia S. Green
Judith W. Harrell
Lilly A. and Jason B. Harris
Sandra E. Harris and Kenneth Harris
Dianne F. Harrison and John Wujack
David L. and Guyla K. Hendricks
Wendy R. Hollady
Peter D. Howard
Jeanene M. Janes and Sharon Stanton
Jenna Kerwood
Gerard J. and Barbara A. Kobylinski
Chandra R. Mabrey
Machelle D. Madsen Thompson and Eric K. Thompson
Benjamin S. and Lisa N. Magruder
Phil Martin and Maurine L. Martin
Anne T. Menard
Adrienne D. Morse
John F. Mungovan
Lynn Neff
Sandra Nicholson
James P. and Leslie C. Nilon
Marion D. Olivier
Nancy D. O'Quinn
Katherine Palazzolo-Miller
Margarita Pelleya and Luis W. Fernandez
Elizabeth A. Perko
Lawrence J. and Joanne H. Pintacuda
Colette D. and Podgorski
David S. Portero
Marcella G. Portewig and Luanne Schinzel
Stephen P. and Tracey L. Preisser
Newton Pryce and Marcia N. Shippey-Pryce
C. Benny Reed
Kathryn K. Rich
Kathryn E. Rivenbark
Cheryl D. and Brian E. Rowland
Deborah Rubens
Jon and Deborah A. Sakurai-Horita
Mark R. and Lauren B. Schlakman
Kimberly B. Sievers
Barbara Lee M. Smith
Ruth M. Steele
Sarah Sullivan
Brian and Susan M. Thomas
Stanley W. Tozer and Barbara J. Busharis
Jesse D. and Jan T. Turner
Carol J. Weber
Christian P. Weber
Frank Weiland
Sanford D. White
Andrea P. Wood
Tena Zellner
Andrew Zoeller
Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund
Shannon M. Shannon and Tanner B. Thompson
Elaine S. Durham
Dawn L. and Marvin O. Jackson
Jeffrey E. and Deborah L. Langenderfer
Theresa D. Thomas
Kendra P. Alex
Janice L. and Stephen H. Foley
Lara Klopp
Cassandra D. Brown
Nina K. Rocha
Margaret G. Ashmore
Jeff B. Beekman and Kristin L. Dowell
Theresa C. Benedict
Shanise Brown
Linda J. and Ed Bryant
Natalie Castellanos
Irvin R. Clark and Betsy Clark
Yvette L. Coursey
John P. Craig
Rebecca L. and James R. Cross
Bruce W. Davis
Linda W. Dillon
Kristin L. Dowell and Jeff B. Beekman
Kristina I. Finch
Robert F. and Marsha M. Flaige
Stevi Gallegos
Staci E. Gleasman
Tracey A. Golay
Scott R. Goodlin and Megan L. Goodlin
Robert K. and Martha W. Grigsby
Richard P. Hackmann and Vicki C. Hackmann
Susanne M. Houff
Tre T. Hume
John R. and Judy B. Hutcherson
Mary B. Jennings and Richard Barthlow
Bradley D. Kile and Katherine M. Kile
April M. and Michael O. Killian
William L. Kintz
Julie B. LeBlanc
Lai-Sin L. Lee
Eric S. and Patricia K. Linden
Lisa Love
Scott H. and Theresa M. Malin
Sonnie E. Mayewski
Ann M. Mazzanovich
Marlene M. and Robert W. McCulley
Judith M. McDowell and Jeffrey G. Norcini
Brittany S. and Jason McNair
Michael P. Mesler and Susan J. Potts
Hannah Micheli
John R. Migliaro and Eric Thomas
Patricia A. Pairon
Judith K. and Kenneth Pinchak
Betty A. Roberts
Nick A. and Carly J. Schrader
Tondalaio Y. Sears
Harry M. Shulman
Allen D. and Erin N. Smith
Bolling C. and Glenn T. Stanley
Joan S. Trehy and Brian T. Trehy
John J. and Charlene M. Waltz
Kenneth R. and Carol Wedel
Christina M. Weiland
Thereasa Winnett
Maryann M. Zaremba
Carroll and Company, CPAs
Jack and Sheryl Schwartz
Julia G. Schwartz
Sierra E. Corby
Jimmy Duran
Brenda J. Legaspi
James L. and Kim W. Torres
Phyllis D. White
Ashley N. Wilfong
Florence Helen Ashby and Laird* B. Anderson
Michael D. and Robyn M. Blank
Kathryn D. Chodkiewicz
Mark M. Dobek and Ellen Z. Piekalkiewicz
Mark I. and Dana Duedall
Karen L. Givens
Diane W. Greenbaum
Kym Holcomb
David J. Homiszczak
Olivia J. H. Howard
Nancy K. Hudak
Brenda Jarmon
Connie E. Jenkins-Pye and Benjamin F. Pye
Lisa B. Johnson
Caroline Mack
Dennis C. and Linda M. Mann
Barbara I. Masters
Cherika S. Medley
Joann S. and William Milford
Erica N. Miller
DeVoe L. and Shirley McEwan Moore
Virginia L. Nease
Shelli E. and Pollack
Gloria H. Rotan
Betty L. and Terry L. Wallace
Tiffanie L. Williams
Martin A. and Amanda F. Wood
Cheryl R. Jones
UnitedHealth Group
Jessica B. and Elliott Grace
Daniel J. and Melissa J. Ashton
Danielle Castle
Jodi Crane
Michael D. Faulkner
Sofia B. Fernandez
Emily J. Lenk
Joan E. and Brian Leshner
Gabriela A. Licznerski
Lauren and Dylan P. Smith
Kimberly N. White
Alaine L. Willis
The Leshner Family Trust
Jessica M. Ledesma
Anthony Novelly and Lynn H. Bertram
Heather R. Taylor
Debra A. Wiles
Donut Kingdom
Pamela N. Mathews
Gail L. Allen
Emily Bruno
Jennifer J. and Michael Farinella
Joel I. Giarrusso
Eric J. Herbst
Michael R. Hines
Jack T. Lynch
Kelsey R. Martin
Giuliana F. McQuirt
Megan K. O'connor
Clarrie Pierre
Stephen J. Tripodi and Anne Tierney
Lauren E. Antista
Mary Faith G. Ayers
Angelle M. Barrett
Elizabeth M. Belfiore
Valerie A. Claus
Dana L. DeBoer
Julie M. Decker
Olivia G. Dees
Tavyan L. Dorsey
Wayn'nyria Johnson
Carrow Lamb
Kenneth C. and Beatriz Lanese
Alexander J. Lenk
Aliya G. Maas
Victoria R. Mariani-mezera
Naomi B. Molina
Sara A. Newhouse
Melissa Radey
Sarah J. Roddenberry
Emmanuel G. Routsis
Abigail Vannatter
Samantha J. Williams and Johnathan D. Williams