Friends of CSW

We are extremely grateful and appreciative of the many alumni, friends and organizations who made charitable gifts during the fiscal year to help support the College of Social Work. Many thanks to each of those listed for your support and continued interest of our important mission.

Please know that your gift is very important to us.

For questions, contact Colette Podgorski, Director of Development at or (850) 645-1321.

* Names are in order of donation amount and list includes all those who made outright gifts, deferred and estate gifts, pledge commitments, stock transfers, real estate gifts or corporate matching gifts of $500 or more received by the College of Social Work from January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021. Gifts received after this time will be included in the next issue of the magazine. 

$25,000 or more

Charles Koch Foundation

ST Trust

Guy M. and Delores Spearman

Community Foundation for Palm Beach & Martin Counties

Ivon and Jane Culver Charitable Trust Foundation

First Presbyterian Church

$10,000 - $25,000

Tom and Cathie Herndon

Helios Education Foundation

Spearman Foundation, Inc.

Legal Services Of North Florida, Inc

Charles L. and Annasue J. Minter

$1,000 - $9,999

Tonja V. Mathews

Peter D. and Mary Lee C. Jones

World Class Schools of Leon County, Inc.

Mark & Lula Hamilton DeGraff Trust

Chapin Hall

HCA Foundation

Schwab Charitable Fund

The Learning Pavilion

Jeffery S. and Margaret W. Binkley

Maura's Voice, Inc.

Thomas L. and Judith E. Bernier

R. C. Hanumara

Judith B. Albright

Diana M. DiNitto

William M. and Nolia Brandt

Kathryn A. and Walter Felton

Judith E. Hefren

Arden W. and Carol Anne Kelley

Ellis L. Pettus

James A. and Mary H. Freeman

Eleanor I. Cleveland

Leah D. Dienger

Kathleen L. Brennan and Robert C. Hendon

Pamela F. and Jimmie L. Brooks

Dominic M. and Debra L. Calabro

Wesley and Sherrie Davidson

Ruth A. Irvin and John M. Dimaio

Ginny M. and Peter G. Kennedy Palys

Jeffrey E. and Nancy S. Lickson

Mental Health Corporations of America, Inc.

Cheryl D. and Brian E. Rowland

Brad R. Wallace

$500 - $999

John H. and Margaret P. Paschal

Patricia B. Hicks

Elizabeth Cheek-Jones

Karen L. Oehme and Nat S. Stern

Margaret E. Wright-cleveland

Donald W. Adams

Rosa L. Jones

Richard M. and Cheryl O. King

Sally E. McRorie

The Blackbaud Giving Fund

$499 and below

Anna E. Cleveland

Deborah Rubens

Delta Delta Delta Sorority

Walter and Sherry J. Johnson

William A. Anderson and Robin R. Wingo

Clarence D. and Elizabeth W. Bradley

M. C. and David K. Hosman

Jack P. and Margaret Jones

Martin A. and Amanda F. Wood

Zelda A. Demmel

Carol C. and Adnan E. Edwards

Kathleen R. and Charles R. Figley

Cecily A. and Thomas M. Hardin

John R. and Judy B. Hutcherson

Gregory W. Schneider

Anne S. Selvey

Shalay K. Jackson

American Endowment Foundation

James T. and Mary W. Clark

James J. Clark and Elizabeth L. Croney

Ebony R. Davis

Reid J. Drapp and Shaleiah P. Fox

Cynthia Farrell

Francis W. Farrell, III

William L. Garrison and Mary J. Mlakar

Jeanene M. Janes and Sharon Stanton

Gerard J. and Barbara A. Kobylinski

Maccene Laguerre

Susan H. Lowery

Nicholas F. Mazza

Marian P. Miller

Emily J. Payton

Sarah Stauffer

Virginia J. Swartz

Pamela A. Willmoth

Kitty F. and Glenn Woodley

James M. and Elaine M. Gaudin

Cyndee M. Austria

Cyndi and Adam J. Bruce

Taciana C. Butler

Linda D. Dixie

Cheryle D. Hood

Dan C. Howard

Margot S. Leongomez

Tenisha L. Patterson Brown and Everette D. Brown

Debra Pierre

Roseann Scheck

Charles J. Vilord

Marco B. Watson

Lisa Dubois-Schmitz

Robert B. and Carol Dillon

Tomi and Francine M. Gomory

Jeffrey E. and Deborah L. Langenderfer

Linda B. Reuschle

Ruth M. Steele

Bruce M. and Nancy P. Ford

Miriam H. and Robert K. Lee

Robert J. and Michelle Fowler

Angela L. White

Dennis A. and Rosalyn B. Deckerhoff

Carolyn B. Adams

David L. Agresti

John T. and Janis O. Ahearn

Norman B. and Elizabeth Anderson

Catherine A. Anglin-Greene

Beverly M. Atkeson

Nathan Berolzheimer and Patricia Barron

Elaine and Robert Besalski

Robyn C. and Frank T. Bethany

Rachel H. Blumberg

Tara S. Boyter

Nikki W. Bryan

Susan D. Buchwalker

Burton L. Carlson

Marianne A. and Lee R. Carlson

Leia L. Cathey

Carol J. Clarke

Commerce Bank

Brant and Alexandra Copeland

Ellen C. Copeland and Jerome Kekatos

Jeff C. and Linda H. Crew

Robert E. and Esther A. Cummings

Kara L. Davis

Kenneth A. and Teresa L. DeCerchio

Anne Marie and Thomas R. Dorso

Mark I. and Dana Duedall

Morris L. Eaddy

Ethlynn L. Earnhart

Charles H. and Connie M. Edmands

DHSMV Employee Benefit Fund

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Clara M. Fiveash

Jocelyne M. Fliger

Kathleen L. and John R. Forsyth

Fred R. and Sheryl L. Gilbert

Jean H. and Gordon A. Goodin

Virginia S. Green

Robert K. and Martha W. Grigsby

Florence D. Guidinger

William R. Guptail

Elaine S. Gurley

Hal Gurley

Louise J. Guy

Marti W. and Michelle C. Harkness

Lilly A. and Jason B. Harris

Helen W. Hinson

Wendy R. Hollady

John V. and Kendall I. Holysz

Laura Lea Hosey

Peter D. Howard

Robyn and Jerrold M. Jackson

Valeriann P. Johnson

April M. and Michael O. Killian

Barbara J. Lager

Martha J. Lanham

James B. and Jane W. Lee

Nancy and Richard D. McKay

Jim and Melissa McKinna

Alan R. Merson and Kathleen Bell

Adrienne D. Morse

Lynell J. Mulcahy

Charles Murray and Gretchen D. Deters-Murray

Virginia L. Nease

Novelis, Inc.

Nicole L. Okeefe

Margarita Pelleya and Luis W. Fernandez

Stephen P. and Tracey L. Preisser

Karen A. Randolph

C. Benny Reed

Hiram A. Ruiz

Illeanne M. and Morgan L. Rukes

Jon and Deborah A. Sakurai-Horita

Kimberly B. Sievers

Barbara A. Singleton

James D. Sunseri

Frances A. Swan

Stanley W. Tozer and Barbara J. Busharis

Kate and Gregg Tracton

Susan B. and Patrick C. Weaver

Carol J. Weber

Dina J. Wilke and Kimberly R. Galant

Colleen Wold

Randy Wold

Andrea P. Wood

Carol A. Wright

Jeffrey M. and Paula M. Younger

Tena Zellner