• Celebrating 2022 Scholarship and Distinguished Award Winners

    The College of Social Work celebrated its 2022 award winners and scholarship recipients.

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  • Study Explores the Power of Hope Following Hurricanes Maria and Michael

    Dr. Amy L. Ai and colleagues explored the power of hope for survivors of Hurricanes Michael and Maria.

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  • Doctoral Graduate Joins University of Kentucky Faculty

    Dr. Taylor Dowdy-Hazlette joins the University of Kentucky College of Social Work faculty.

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  • Study Led by Doctoral Student Explores Impact of Violence Health-Related Quality of Life for Virally Suppressed Patients

    Doctoral student Rachel Harris led a study exploring the impact of violence on health-related quality of life for virally-suppressed HIV patients.

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  • FSU Pilot Project Addresses Reducing Chronic Disease Among Rural Adults

    Aa UF-FSU Translational Health Research Seed Grant was awarded to an interdisciplinary team including Dr. Michael Killian to address try to reduce chronic disease in rural adults.

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  • Multidisciplinary Research Team Receives Grant to Study Safety Nets for Mothers and Families

    Dr. Melissa Radey and a team of FSU researchers study the safety nets of low-income mothers and their families.

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  • FSU Institute Creates New Student Resilience Toolkit

    A new Student Resilience Toolkit has been created at FSU available both in English and Spanish

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  • Take Your Passion Online

    Our Online MSW program offers convenience and ease to adult learners.

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Recent News

Social Work Graduate Advocates for Foster Care at the Macro and Micro Level
Wednesday, November 30, 2022

As a first-generation college student, Lauren Johnson (BSW, 2006) knew what it was like to not only navigate a new environment and culture but how the assistance of others can make all the difference in an individual’s success.

Study Explores Narrative Exposure Therapy to Address PTSD in Refugee and Migrant Children
Monday, November 28, 2022

Developed in the early 2000s, Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) was developed as a distinct therapeutic technique for the treatment of traumatic stress. The technique is based on the principles of testimony therapy, according to the American Journal of Psychotherapy, and invites people to tell their stories or experiences, including traumatic events, in which the specific political context of the traumatic events is emphasized.

Maura’s Voice Memorial Service Launches New FSU Initiative
Tuesday, November 22, 2022

On November 2, 2022, Florida State University held a memorial service to remember the fourth anniversary of the 2018 shooting at a Tallahassee yoga studio that took the lives of FSU student Maura Binkley and FSU professor Dr. Nancy Van Vessem and injured five others.

Recent Graduate Addresses Human Trafficking in New Role
Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Felicitas Brugo Onetti always felt drawn to working with immigrant populations. She volunteered extensively with Guatemalan and Mexican migrant and refugee families while growing up in Miami, Florida and attended several mission trips while earning her social work degree at The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.

FSU Study Seeks to Understand Impact of Client Violence on Florida Child-Protection Workers
Tuesday, November 08, 2022

A team of Florida State University researchers has received a $150,000 grant from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) to study the impact of client violence on child protective service workers in Florida.


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