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On the Vltava River in Prague, Czech Republic.

The Florida State University College of Social Work, in conjunction with FSU’s International Programs, has conducted many study abroad courses in a wide range of locations. During the summer 2019 semester, we are offering a summer study abroad program in the Czech Republic and a course in the London Broad Curriculum Program. The College also offers two undergraduate exchange programs during the spring and fall semester in Australia and Sweden.

Summer Study Abroad Programs vary from four (London) to five (Prague) weeks, are taught by FSU faculty, and cover an array of specialty areas. Past programs have focused on international social work and social welfare as well as social work and social welfare in criminal justice settings. Emphasis is placed on understanding human rights and social justice as dynamic features of global assessment and response to social problems. Courses are rarely restricted to majors, so students from other disciplines and/or universities are encouraged to apply. Tuition is assessed at Florida’s in-state rates for all students, regardless of their institution of origin.

Prague, Czech Republic Study Abroad Summer 2019

Prague, Czech Republic

Located in the heart of Europe, Prague is renowned for its concentration of medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque influences, and provides a fascinating vantage point from which to study contemporary human rights and social justice issues in transitions from Fascism and Communism to Democracy. BSW and MSW students enroll in two Social Work courses, and visit settings such as drug treatment clinics, domestic violence centers, HIV/AIDS prevention and care sites, human rights organizations, courts, and prisons. Excursions to Poland, Germany and the medieval Czech village of Cesky Krumlov blend academic and cultural experiences revealing the region’s achievements and challenges yet to be overcome in championing human rights. The program is taught in conjunction with FSU International Affairs, whose faculty co-lead.

Click here to read about Prague participant Cara Scott's experience during the summer 2018 program!
  1. Eligibility: open to graduate and undergraduate students; emphasis on but not limited to social work majors.
  2. Housing: program participants will be housed in comfortable apartments in the metropolitan Prague area
  3. Program Dates: June 30, 2019 – August 3, 2018 ($5,835 total program fee)
  4. Program Fee: $5,835
    • Includes- all registration fees, 6 credit hours, orientation, 5 weeks of housing, program-planned excursions / group activities, Full-time academic and student support, health insurance, public transportation pass, etc. 
  5. Program Courses: Theory and Practice of Social Work in Criminal Justice Settings (SOW 4665 / 5666) and International Social Work and Social Welfare (SOW 4784 / 5785).
  6. Application: Fill out the FSU International Programs Study Abroad online application early! Applications to the Prague program open to students from all disciplines September 5th. Acceptance to the program is highly competitive, and interested students are strongly advised to apply early.

    • CSW Scholarship winners who are admissible to the International Program will be guaranteed acceptance as long as they submit their IP application and pay the application fee by Tuesday, October 9, 2018. 

    • Other qualified applicants from all disciplines are guaranteed a spot in the program on a first come / first serve basis.

  7. Payments: students must pay an application fee at time of submission. Accepted students can pay the Commitment Fee early (by December 5, 2018) to receive a $250 discount off the total cost of their program. Accepted students must pay the Commitment Fee by January 16, 2019. The Final Payment is due February 13, 2019. 

Note- if an applicant is waitlisted they are eligible to transfer the $100 application fee to another program that interests them, or they can remain on the waitlist to see if a spot opens up. If a spot is never offered to them, they will be refunded the $100 application fee. If an applicant withdraws their application, they will forfeit the $100 application fee.

Click here for the Prague 2019 Program Application

Study Abroad Scholarship Application

CSW Scholarships are available for Prague 2019 social work participants! Please for Click the “Apply Now” button to fill out the Study Abroad Scholarship Application. Note that while CSW scholarship applications are due September 23, 2018, Prague program applications are open September 5, 2018. Since students not awarded scholarships are admitted on a first come / first serve basis, early application is strongly advised. Please email Emily Joyce ( with any questions about the scholarship application.

Prague Study Abroad scholarship recipients who otherwise meet university academic requirements and submit a program application and pay the application fee before October 9, 2018 will be automatically accepted into the program. Academically qualified students who wish to attend and are not awarded a CSW scholarship will be admitted first come / first serve.

application closed

Contact Dr. Neil Abell, Prague 2019 Program Leader, for further program details (

View more videos about the study abroad experience in Prague: Video 2Video 3Video 4

London Broad Curriculum Program Summer 2019 

For undergraduate students seeking to fulfill an ethics Liberal Studies requirement, Dr. Melissa Radey ( will be teaching in the Broad Curriculum Program at the London Study Center during the third London Session LN03-6-19 (London, Summer 2019).

SOW 3933 Seminar in Global Social Work Ethics investigates poverty and inequality in the United Kingdom (UK) compared to the United States (US) and considers origins and policies designed to help people. Students will have the opportunity to consider ethical concerns related to social welfare service delivery and contemplate the policy decision-making process. The course will consider poverty and inequality within moral, ethical and social justice frameworks, and consider the rights and responsibilities of citizens in an increasingly global society. Students will visit two agencies or charities per week that address poverty and inequality such as the Foundling Museum, inspired by babies at risk of abandonment, and the Doctor's of the World Family Clinic, serving individuals in need of healthcare. 

Contact Dr. Radey for more information about the course and visit FSU International Program's website to learn more about the Broad Curriculum Program and to submit an application. 

Exchange Programs: Australia & Sweden

Jönköping University, Sweden

Formal exchange programs are offered for BSW students interested in spending a semester living in and learning about different cultures. The College of Social Work currently partners with Jönköping University in Jönköping, Sweden and Griffith University on the Gold Coast campus in Australia in the suburb of Southport Australia.

Courses are taught in English during the fall and spring semesters, and coordinate with the host university's academic calendars. FSU students register and receive credit for FSU courses matched in content to host institution offerings. Students in our partner institutions begin advisement and application within their home universities.

Students take a full-time course load. At this time, field placements are not available at these universities. Students pay FSU tuition and fees (Bright Futures can be used) and receive credit for required or elective classes. Contact your academic advisor as soon as possible to begin the academic planning process, and contact Dr. Dina Wilke ( or BSW Program Director, Pam Graham MacDill ( for program details.

Financial Assistance for Study Abroad and Exchange Programs

FSU and the College of Social Work offer financial aid and scholarships for students wishing to participate in international programs.

For more information regarding study abroad or exchange program opportunities, please contact our Director of International programs, Neil Abell, Ph.D., LCSW at (850) 644-9753 or

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