Nourish to Flourish Project: Self-Care and Recognition for Social Workers

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The FSU Center for the Study and Promotion of Communities, Families, and Children teamed up with the FSU College of Social Work and the National Association of Social Workers, Florida Chapter (NASW-FL), to develop the Nourish to Flourish Project. This project was created to provide recognition, appreciation, and support to the social work profession.

Social workers around the globe are on the frontlines with health workers, working hard to ensure the health and well-being of the people they serve as COVID-19 continues to impact individuals, families, and communities. Social workers provide hope and vision within the communities they work, all while facing the same challenges and stressors as their clients, including the recent Coronavirus pandemic. But social workers and all workers on the frontline are at risk of fatigue and exhaustion.  It is a time for everyone to learn from each other and, hopefully, adopt new self-care habits.

Each of the Nourish to Flourish Project’s videos verbalizes gratitude for social workers and their expertise while also addressing self-care and the importance of self-compassion. The project consists of eleven videos, 10 to 15 minutes long, presented by guest speakers within the social work profession from various organizations and institutions. The first video, presented by Dr. Jim Clark, dean, and professor of the FSU College of Social Work, discusses the Nourish to Flourish Project launch and its purpose. The remaining ten videos address self-care, including finding joy in the work, eight types of self-care, and everyday self-care to engage in throughout the social work profession and community.


Video #1: Dr. Jim Clark - Introduction
Video #2: Carol Campbell Edwards - Finding Joy in the Work
Video #3: Dr. Lisa Scheble - Emotional Self-Care in Social Work
Video #4: Karen Oehme - Psychological Self-Care in Social Work
Video #5: Jane Dwyer Lee - Spiritual Self-Care in Social Work
Video #6: Susan Mankita - Professional Self-Care in Social Work
Video #7: Dr. Shalay Jackson - Personal Self-Care in Social Work
Video #8: Dr. Hugh Clark - Physical Self-Care in Social Work
Video #9: Dr. Jacquleyn McMillan - Environmental Self-Care in Social Work
Video #10: Dr. Leigh Taylor - Social and Relationship Self-Care in Social Work
Video #11: Paty Hernandez - Everyday Self-Care in Social Work

The worksheet template allows individuals to follow along with the videos to create a personalized self-care plan. At the end of the videos, a self-care wheel summarizes self-care tips relevant to social isolation constructs discussed under the eight types of self-care. Although the Nourish to Flourish Project was created to support the social work profession, the self-care tools and tips apply to all helping professionals.

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