Mental Health

Zhe Yang


  • M.S.W., 2019, Peking University, Social Work
  • B.S.W., 2017, China Youth University of Political Studies, Social Work


  • Christopher D. Hefren Child Welfare Endowed Doctoral Scholarship, 2021

Elizabeth Curley


M.S.W., 2018, Florida State University, Social Work 
B.S.W., 2017, Florida State University, Social Work 
B.S., 2017, Florida State University, Psychology


Curley, E. (2018). Narrative in social work practice: The power and possibility of story. Journal of Evidence-Informed Social Work, 15(1), 100-101.

Rebekah Nelson


  • M.S.W., 2010, Utah State University; Social Work
  • B.S., 2006, Brigham Young University; Social Work


Peer Reviewed Articles and Publications

Nelson, R. (2013). Is virtual reality exposure therapy effective for service members and veterans experiencing combat-related PTSD? Traumatology, 19(3) 171-178. doi:10.1177/1534765612459891

Bruce Thyer


  • Ph.D., 1982, University of Michigan; Social Work & Psychology
  • M.A., 1979, University of Michigan; Psychology
  • M.S.W., 1978, University of Georgia: Social Work
  • B.Sc., 1976, University of Maryland; Psychology

Selected Peer Review Articles and Publications

Susan Osborne


  • M.S.W., 2000, Florida State University; Clinical Social Work
  • M.S., 1981, The Ohio State University; Agricultural Education with minor in Counseling
  • B.S., 1976, Virginia Tech, Animal Science and Agricultural Education

Books Published

Crunkilton, J., Osborne, S., Newman, M., Osborne, E., Lee, J., (1995) The Earth and Agriscience, Danville, Illinois: Interstate Publishers.

Jeffrey Lacasse


  • Ph.D., 2008, Florida State University; Social Work
  • M.S.W., 2000, Florida State University; Clinical Social Work
  • B.A, 1997, St. Leo College; Liberal Arts and Psychology

Selected Peer Review Articles and Publications

Lacasse, J.R. (2014). After DSM-5: A critical research agenda for the 21st century. Research on Social Work Practice.

Tomi Gomory


  • Ph.D., 1998, University of California at Berkeley; Social Welfare
  • M.S.W., 1986, New York University; Social Work
  • B.S., 1970, New York University; History and Education

Selected Peer Review Articles and Publications

Gomory, T., Gromer, J., Groton, D., Stephens, S. G., Harris, R., & Duncan, M. (2019). Client Perception and Utilization of an Innovative "One Stop" Service Center for People Experiencing Homelessness: A Mixed-Methods Case Study. American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation, 21, 1-20.