Faculty & Research

Leadership Announcement: Four New Leadership Roles at the College of Social Work

Dean David W. Springer is excited to announce four administrative leadership promotions within the FSU College of Social Work. 

"Individually, these leaders and change-makers within our college will make a profound impact on our community through collaboratively sharing their strengths and talents with faculty, staff, students and alumni," said Dean Springer, sharing his vision for this team. "Collectively, I know they will serve a critical role in amplifying our transformational work to change lives."

Empowering Foster Youth through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Trauma

Youth in foster care often face higher exposure to traumatic events and are less likely to receive the necessary services to address the resulting trauma-related symptoms. This discrepancy leads to a range of mental health challenges that, if left untreated, can manifest into more complex issues, such as substance misuse and delinquency.

The Stoops Center for Communities, Families, and Children (CFC Center) at the FSU College of Social Work is committed to changing this narrative.

FSU Study Indicates College Students Benefit from Student Resilience Project Wellness Intervention

Researchers at Florida State University recently published a study in the Southern Communication Journal evaluating the impact of FSU’s Student Resilience Project on first-year college students.  

Fully launched in 2018, FSU developed the Student Resilience Project to provide first-year students with information on self-help coping skills and access to campus health and academic support resources to improve their transition to college.

Social Work Faculty Receives KL2 Mentored Career Development Award

This year, Dr. Kristy Anderson, an assistant professor at the College of Social Work, received a KL2 Mentoring Career Development Award. The National Institutes of Health funds the award to assist emerging research faculty in establishing their career in patient-oriented research. The award combines didactic training, mentoring and exposure to multidisciplinary research and ongoing evaluation.

FSU Graduate and Unconquered Scholars Advocate Joins Social Work Faculty

Originally from Clearwater, Florida, Lisa Jackson came to Florida State University with the ambition to work with young adults. A two-time FSU graduate with a bachelor’s degree in psychology (2013) and her Master of Social Work degree (2015), she knew she wanted to work in a collegiate environment to help youth transition into higher education.

“My MSW application highlighted my desire to work with students navigating the transition to life on campus,” Lisa explained. “It’s an amazing time of life where students begin emerging into adulthood while facing many unique challenges.”

Faculty Member Jean Munn Retires

This spring, Associate Professor Dr. Jean Munn took a picture with her Introduction to the Profession class, the last she would teach as a faculty member of the College of Social Work before her retirement. She evoked, enjoying pizza and farewells," We met in the same classroom, room 1704, where I taught my first social work class at FSU. I loved teaching this class."